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I really hope this isn't just a dead thread :(

Hopefully the DM responds eventually, but I don't think the game is scrapped at this point.

Nice art, Blackbird!
thanks! i'm excited for the DM to get back too.
Yeah, hopefully the hiatus isn't much longer.

If it is, maybe Aurorawe could promote a temporary DM or something...

also same
Can I make it so that after a certain number of quests I join the group

Yep ^^
Side characters don't always just pop up. Normally, I plant a couple NPC side characters to start the first quest. The first side character will most likely show up then.

Sorry for being gone so long... but, I bring good news and bad news... what do you want to hear first?
everything at once
Good news-
Docs will be updated Monday... or Tuesday... one of them.

Bad news-
The game can not begin w/out the starter points
what's a starter point again?
I believe its the amount of skill points we get (for things like sneak, speech, melee combat, etc.). I just don't know how many we get to start.
Wait im not on the thing
Hello peoples! ^^
I am back! We should be able to start the game either today or tomorrow! ^^

Hamtart87: you have been added to the side characters list

I just checked out the player list, I'm glad you guys worked on you characters while I was gone! ^^
Players who have their starter points: Falvias, Jonathan
why is google suggesting so inefficient
Don't know... are you sure you are on the right thread?
yes, I was trying to suggest some edits to the docs, but google thought otherwise
I see... I think it worked out in the end, there were suggestions in the docs so....
Brynwulf, Tinfoil Hatter, I have done picture on docs... original piece is not mine, only edited version.... you like?
You certainly won't be hearing any complaints from me ;)
All starter points are in, we can start the game!
I think my stats are blank
Oh no, you're right.

Also, as a side note, there are greater powers, a different one for each race, so be sure to check that out when I get them put in.
Should there be a separate thread for the actual game? Y'know, like the D&D one here?
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