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That's smart.
I have inserted Brynwulf's stats
We can play
Thread is going to be called Quest: The Game
I've never done this before. Too late to join?
Nah, this is the info thread. We need side characters though.
Hey! Uh... could I be a side character...?
Side characters can join any time I think

random quest changes and such
Yeah, you just need to add your information to the side characters doc
There is one new spot for a main character, further information on Quest: The Game
I am willing to be a main character
I said it in the other thread first, but if you really want it you can have it
Oh! If you called it first, you can have it.
You can never leave side character gang
Ok spirit, alfa, I am willing to warp things a little, if you are interested...
Hamtart87 said:
You can never leave side character gang

You can leave the side character gang, but the side character gang never leaves you.
Better if we leave it as 5 characters. Easier to control, schedule, and GM in general.
Ok so what do we do now
Nah, what I was saying was that, we need 6 main characters, but I could put spirit as a lower villain, but still a main character, he would just be dwarfed by the head villain. And alfa could be somebody's companion, since I really like the idea of a talking wolf in the game.
That... seems like a great idea! We need alfa's opinion first, though
I'm all for it
who's my master

Edit: since Tinfoil Hatter is part wolf I'll probably have the best relationship with him/her
M'k spirit, go add your info in All Players Doc, last page
Wait a sec- wait I can't edit it. How do I edit it?
Did Auror send you an invitation through email?
Alfa, we are all good with you being a companion of Brynwulf.
Spirit, I'd suggest you start planning your character soon. We should also communicate because it seems things are about to kick off.
Do provide your character's bio in this thread!
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