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>ask the guard about his/her hobbies
>Flirt with the guard.
> Prepare to play dead if things go for the worst
Draw sword

You hold the sword up awkwardly - you're not sure you've seen one like the one you're holding ever before.

Inspect keyring & dagger

The dagger doesn't look old, not exactly - the black glass chips on its blade still are still razor sharp and are fixed well in its intricately carved wooden handle. You just know that this kind of knife is ancient - but still potentially deadly.

The keyring is just a few plain brass keys with a piece of twine threaded through. Judging by the weight of the door sealing off your prison, you get the feeling that locks on the doors were just a formality.

Ask guard who I am

The guard thinks his response over for a while. "Guest should understand that fulfillment of this request would normally be of highest priority. Guest should know that it is believed that fulfillment of this request may also put guest in danger when destination is considered."

The guard turns its head to look at you. Its eyes lock with yours.

"Guest's safety is prioritized. This was not a command from Master Thorne. Guest should know the time for revelations will come."

Take a defensive stance

You try to sort of hunch down while walking? You feel a bit silly. You figure you'll probably just duck behind your guard if you get into a fight.

Ask the guard about his/her hobbies

"There is rarely time for recreation. When there are no commands, it is required to be constantly vigilant for commands from Master Thorne. It is unsure what would be done if time for recreation presented itself."

Flirt with the guard.

The guard tilts its head slightly, and his eyes glow brighter. "Guest's sentiments are appreciated. Compliments come rarely. "

Prepare to play dead if things go for the worst

Now you're trying to pull off a weird crouch-walk while bracing yourself to drop to the ground in case of trouble. You feel as though all of this is somewhat counterproductive.

You're a few paces behind your guard when they turn a corner to the north. Someone down the hall shouts something - a fusillade of arrows and gunfire knock chips off of your guard's armor, and fill the hall with deafening sound.

Apparently unfazed by this barrage of fire, your guard turns towards you just long enough to say "Guest should stay here while resistance is cleared," before he thunders down the hall.

You scramble to get up from where you're lying - maybe you'd dropped to the ground a little prematurely.
>Wait behind cover
>ask guard how he is
> Peek to see what's going on
> If guard goes down, use them as a shield and join the fray
>Seduce the enemy
>suddenly vomit
>commit suicide
>kick alfanewmerik's lifeless carcass until all his blood spills out his mouth and ears
>come back to life
> maybe don't do every suggestion written in the thread
^ gonna have to agree
> agree with Fwip
> Look around for interesting shiny things, not moving while doing so
Wait behind cover

You hear thumps, screams, and distressing crunching noises from around the corner. You try desperately to not imagine what's going on. Eventually it quiets down.

Peek to see what's going on

Eventually you peek around the corner. Your guard stands at the end of the hall - chipped and cracked, and with its fists absolutely covered in blood, but still standing.

"It is good to see that Guest is uninjured. Resistance has been eliminated."

Ask guard how he is

"Guest's concern is appreciated. Guest needs not worry."

Your guard appears to be in much worse shape than it lets on. Its armor is covered in spiderweb cracks and chips. A pale, blue light shines through some of the larger cracks.

"Worse conditions have been sustained in service. Long ages have been seen. No concern is warranted from Guest."

Look around for interesting shiny things

A lot of the equipment that the men had is still intact - some familiar, some unlike anything you've seen before. You grab what you can.

- Rifle (cont. 1 Rifle Bullet)
- 10 Rifle Bullets

"Additional resistance will arrive quickly. Guest must hurry."

You hurry behind your guard east. The slope of the floor is now so severe that it is becoming difficult to run. The sound of fighting is just down the hall - intense fighting, from the sound of it.

"It is regrettable that the correct course of action is unclear. Guest staying here while resistance is cleared ahead may leave Guest vulnerable. Guest staying close while resistance is cleared exposes guest to danger."

It seems that your guard wants you to decide.
Offer the guard the rifle
You go ahead, but I'll stay close behind and watch the rear.
>Hide behind the nearest large stationary object.
This is a multi-member thread, and we probably don't want to fork the story, right? So we should probably vote from now on when it comes to major choices. Just a suggestion.

Currently it appears to be 1 for remaining, and 1 for following.
Not sure if we're still doing so. But if we are, then I vote that we stay behind.
It's been a while.

I vote to follow.
We could stay.
We have a rifle with 11 bullets, after all.
I agree with Wyyca.
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