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I guess I’d like to stay Keeping the rifle

That guy just busted us out of jail. We don't know what's going on or where to go. We should do as they say and follow.

EDIT: mis-remembered the situation.
I do think that he said that ether way might put us in danger.
Wyyca21 said:
I do think that he said that ether way might put us in danger.

[ooc]My bad I should have checked back. I still vote follow[/ooc]
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I see. For me, it's kinda a gray color.
As you see here.
[ooc]I got that. It's just what I'm used to, as it probably is for you.[/ooc]
hoping that this won’t die.
This is quite dependent on one person, after all.
Stay behind.

Your guard's eyes dim.

"If Guest wishes to remain, Guest should remain here and be vigilant until threat is eliminated. When threat is eliminated, Master Thorne will be located and Guest will be delivered to them."

"If resistance is overwhelming, and Guest must wait excessively, and the ground is heavily inclined, then Guest should surrender. Guest's safety will not be guaranteed if captured by resistance. If Guest waits long enough so they cannot escape, Guest will be killed."

Your guard turns away, hunched over. Somehow, their stone frame now looks very small.

"Guest's protection was guaranteed. It is regrettable that this agreement cannot be carried out in full."

They straighten up, clench their fists, and charge down the hall, disappearing behind a corner. For a while there is a deafening wall of sound.

Then, there is silence. You wait for a time, rifle in hand. The walls of the hallway tilt slowly around you.
Go to a tilted wall.
Like, a floor corner.
Let's try and head down where our guard went, now that it's silent. Just for safety let's draw the revolver we started off with.

Are we able to stow the rifle?
Revolvers are like machine guns, right?
We only have six bullets with the thing.
Go to a tilted wall.

You sit in the corner for a while longer. Nobody comes.

Let's try and head down where our guard went, now that it's silent. Just for safety let's draw the revolver we started off with.

You get up, sling the rifle across your back, and draw your revolver. Its weight is reassuring.

You walk down the hallway and turn the corner.

A man, flanked by men with rifles, stands in the center of the corridor. They wear a brass-buttoned thick navy peacoat and a pair of thick, silver-rimmed glasses on their face. Through them, he peers down at chips of stone that litter the ground. As he turns to face you, they grind on the ground beneath his boots.

"Shame about the golem. Loyal to the end. I'm going to miss it."

He steps forward.

"You probably won't know me, but you should know my name, yes? I'm Reginald Thorne. The one from the note that you found. I'm an old friend of yours."

He looks you up and down.

"You aren't hurt? You walked all the way here? Good, that means we can hurry to the lifeboats. We don't have much time left, so we'll talk more when we get there."

He looks you in the eye.

"It's good to have you back. It's been too long."

He turns away and starts down the hallway, with his men following behind.
Follow them.
Look at the map to check if we’re going the right way.
Let's revive this! (Again...)
I'm wondering why this needs jumpstarts, really.
It's quite sad.
It's a cool thread, really.
Do you want to do anything here?
Follow the men, make small talk.
Follow the men, make small talk.

You try to think of something, but given the circumstances, nothing you want to say comes to mind.

You follow the men into a cramped, narrow room. Every surface is covered in a thin layer of dust. Thorne motions his guards to sit, and beckons you into an even smaller room with two other men already sitting. Your eye is drawn towards the room's small windows, which show the horizon at an alarming angle. You can hear wind whipping past outside.

"You're clear to shove off," says Thorne.

The two men in their chairs nod, and begin running their hands over an intricately carved stone slab. The rooms fill with an odd blue light as you feel yourself being pressed into your chair. Through the windows, you see the horizon flatten out just before clouds obscure the view. Shortly afterward, you hear a dull rumbling that fills the entire room for what feels like minutes. After the noise subsides, there is only eerie silence.

"How long to the nearest city?" asks Thorne.

"About two hours, sir," says one of the seated men.

He nods. "Fine. Tell us when we're about half an hour out." He turns to you. "Get some rest. You'll need it when we arrive. I'll wake you when we get there."

"We've got a lot to do together when we arrive."

-- Some Time Earlier --

You shiver as a gust of high-altitude wind cuts through your clothes. You wish you had been able to dress more warmly, but the captain insisted that everyone be "presentable" for today's briefing. Since all your other clothes were stained with two months worth of soot and oil, you found that you had only one set of clean clothes left, pressed up against the bottom of your trunk of personal items.

"When the captain said to be presentable," whispers your bunkmate in a navy peacoat, "I'm not sure they were asking you to wear your Sunday best."
Ignore the remark, and get the clothes on.
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