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Artemisia steps forward. Annoyed at her companion's silence.
Yeah, it isn't quite my story to tell, but it has been an alarming amount of time
It's quite a hiatus. Should we keep progressing the story until Auror comes back?

Falvias pulls out a small pocketwatch and takes note of the time. How long were they standing here? (Or how far did they progress?) Was he blinking off? Maybe his sanity was ebbing away faster than what he comfortably anticipated.
In that moment, from the ruins, a small meow can be heard.
As the curious sound breaks the prolonged, uneventful silence, Falvias' senses snaps back into its rightful place.

"Did anybody hear that?"
"I heard something, but it's gone now," says Iphesophi, curiously.
Brynwulf's eyes dart to the ruins. For one moment, it was as if a small flare was lit in his eyes. He began to approach the ruins wordlessly, without caution.
He watches, intrigued by his companion's newfound attention.

A second thought tells himself to pay attention.
Now within the ruins, he simply crouches down, picking up a sleek, jet black cat, holding it at arms length by the scruff of its neck. The cat hangs there without protesting, wide eyed, bushy tailed. It lets out a pitiful meow.

He turns back to the group, asking "What do you make of this?"
"I don't know....but that cat's giving me a creepy vibe." Artemisia's voice stammers slightly but Freya sprints to the cat and begins pawing at its bushy tail.
"A bit odd that cats are dwelling here, out of all places." notes Falvias, "I think it would be better to set him down, he seems frightened."
He agrees to set the cat down. The cat darts further into the ruins, turning around to look expectantly at the group.
Iphesophi glares back, expecting a reaction from the kitten
"Do you reckon that we should follow him?"
"It sure seems like he wants us to..."
"I wonder how much the god would mind if we postponed those demonspawns," said Falvias, after regarding some brief, dubious reflection.
"Maybe the cat is related to the demonspawn." After a brief pause, he continues, "Maybe the cat is the demonspawn."
He stares at small feline with a look of alarmed distress. He certainly didn't hope that that was the case.

"Well, isn't that rather upsetting..."
Artemisia shrugs, preferring to take the cat at face value. "I think we should follow him".
Kami eyes the cat suspiciously, still not trusting it.
Iphesophi copies Kami, still with dubiety.
Brynwulf begins to follow the cat as it disappears to the left around a corner within the ruins. He turns the corner to follow, but finds that the path is a dead end, and the cat is nowhere to be found.

There appears to be another path leading right that has not been blocked off.
"Should we just go that way?" Artemisia points to the unblocked path.
"I cannot recall if there was another path to take before the kitten..." said Falvias, "so...?"
Suddenly, a distant shriek is heard ringing out from the only standing full building in the area. The place looks as if it shouldn't still be standing, on account of how large and old it seems. It stands in the middle of the ruins, disconnected from any pathways. Fortunately, grass doesn't kill you. The fact that it is disconnected brings up the question however as to where the paths DO lead.
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