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Iphesophi mumbles to herself, indiscernibly.
"Guys...I'm kinda scared...that scream was really creepy''
"Better keep our senses sharp in a place like this, that shrill outcry is troubling," agreed Falvias, taking a small flitter of anxiety to whatever, or whomever, have sourced the wail. Was he feeling fear? Pity? He couldn't really say-- likely a combination of both.

"Is the building worth your concerns to inspect?"

the hiatus continues to march forward.
Dectal shifted on his feet, arm gripping Jonathan close. His tail wrapped around their feet in a protective manner. "Well," he starts, "That was unsettling." He laughed a little. It sounded forced.
Celebrate for the return of the Author.
Yay! You’re back! Where were you?

the hiatus continues to march forward.

What's the monster rating for a Hiatus?
I'd say it'd have a challenge rating of about 40.
Oooh! Scary.
Brynfulf felt a sudden unexplainable appreciation for the two who led the party.

He rolled his eyes at the sound of the shriek, seeing it as nothing more than intimidation, but nonetheless keeping a watchful eye on his surroundings.
Yay! You’re back! Where were you?

Enjoying summer break
Dectal cleared his throat. "Let's continue onward, shall we?"
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