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No clarification on time of day, I'll just go ahead and assume it's morning
"...Could you help me up?"
He quickly crouches next to the crumpled figure, obviously startled but moreso concerned.

"Are you alright, sir? What happened?"
"I'm not quite sure, but I think I tripped over a very large stone. Mind helping me up?"
Can I get a confirmation on any large rocks around here?

"No injuries or bruises? I worry about your condition."

Falvias reaches out his hand towards the elf.
Wrqytrn slaps his hand away and stands up on his own, brushing himself off.

"What? You think I would touch you?!" he says, glancing up and down at Falvias, apparently seeing dirt that isn't there. "I wouldn't dare!"

He attempts to slap Falvias again, falls over, and then attempts to crawl away on the ground. He manages to hide behind some bushes. He can still be seen peeking over them.
Will I have to perform any skill checks to do any of that, or am I good?
(I think i'm in the game now idk)
You're good, it's your character's normal behavior from what I have gathered
Just then one of the guards came running, sword out.
"What's the commotion? Fighting is prohibited in city limits."
You can either bribe, persuade, or threaten
Both shocked by the elf's outlash and the sudden appearance of sentinel, Falvias nervously attempts to persuade the guards that there were no fighting, only an offbeat encounter with somebody who've run off.
Falvias was successful
"All right then, I believe you."
With that the guard left, and in his place came running Jonathan.
"I saw what happened, are you guys okay?"
Falvias gained 20 speech points
Assorted mutterings come from the bush. Something about "destroying all stones" and also mentions of a cheesecake.
Jonathan knelt down and looked into the bushes (Ignoring Falvias).
"Are you okay?"
Talking to me?
No response. The muttering falls silent
"You're not invisible. You are aware of that right?"
Your character is only a teen, is that correct?
Young adult, 20s to 30s, unless elves have a different maturing rate in this cannon

Wrqytn bursts out of the bush and runs down the street, before disappearing behind a corner. He leaves behind a piece of paper.

Suggestion : Do not attempt to corner the criminally insane
Falvias attempts to pick up the piece of paper (if within his range).
Unless Aurorawe wants to say otherwise, I'll just say what's on the paper

The paper appears to be a flyer for a nearby tavern, advertised as a place with some fairly interesting characters to meet, and a place where some odd jobs could be obtained

You know, if there are any other players who want their characters to join
Good idea
This is a flyer from a local tavern. What do you do?
Elves mature 1/2 as fast, so you're 14-15ish
Then I'll say early 50's for Wrqytrn
Human or elf years?
Human years, should place me in my early 20s
Sweet, I'll keep that in mind
Jonathan started running after, then stopped. He looked at Falvias.
"You coming?"
Then continued running.
Cue privateinspectorkidd
Never fear, privateinspectorkidd is here.

"Wait, what?" He sputtered, "Wait, excuse me!"
Falvias, even more bewildered with his recent decisions, ran after the strangers in a desperate effort.
Unfortunately, Falvias lost Jonathan.
Fortunately, Jonathan did not lose Wrqytrn.
Catching up to him, he took a desperate dive and managed to pin him. This was a complex process, seeing as how the High Elf did not appreciate being pinned, and fought like a wild animal. However, Jonathan was finally able to keep him down through the means of straddling.
It would be a smart idea for Falvias to go the the Inn. The name is Mother Hubbard Inn. We will meet you there.
Gasping and weary, Falvias steadied himself and tried to revert back to what he was previously doing before the small fiasco that transpired before him.


Being too antsy from the lot of attention drawn to himself, he postpones his prior plans and decides to slink off at a local (Mother Hubbard) inn for a short time.

You may proceed the skirmish, or whatever else in mind.
Thank you
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