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when do I come in
Wait for your cue!!!
I'm one of the main characters and I'm still not in
"Fine, you've caught me," Wrqytrn spits at his captor, "What would you like? Three Wishes? Information? Or how about Cheesecake? I know a wonderful place to steal Cheesecake from!"
can I join at the inn?
If you can fit it into the story you can join any time you like I'm pretty sure, should probably get Aurorawe to approve this statement before doing it though
"I only want to know your name."
Jonathan blinked, then smiled.
"Actually, cheesecake sounds pretty good. Will you let me treat you at a Inn not to far from here?"
We should get to the Inn soon, so don't worry, you guys will be cued there. =) (Sorry it's taking a while.)
"It's Wrqytrn. And I'll only accompany you on two conditions :
1. I don't have to talk to anybody
2. You release me before sunset
3. You actually buy me cheesecake and not steal my liver like that other guy did
Do we have a deal?"
"You don't have to talk to anybody else, and I will buy you cheesecake. Other than that, I'm not holding you captive, I'm just curious about you."
Jonathan smiled before rolling-yes rolling-off and standing up. He offered his hand to the High Elf.
Wrqytrn begrudgingly takes it and begins following behind.
Smiling, Jonathan led him to the Inn, not letting go of his hand, and if the High Elf complained, Jonathan would explain, "So you don't leave."
Shortly they arrive at Mother Hubbard Inn, where they meet back up with Falvias.
Cue Falvias
I apologize for the awfully belated response.
Falvias, sitting at a cozy little corner of the inn, turns his head towards the newcomers with surprise, dreading how this strand of fate is persistent at dragging himself closer to more trouble.
He slinks into his chair a bit, nearly tipping over a small cup tea that he was nursing.
Wrqytrn snarls at Flavias before looking around the room

I'm assuming that if anyone wants to introduce their characters into the story, now would be the time
At the far end of the inn, there sat a half-wolf, upright on his barstool, at a small table facing the wall, making no great effort to appear invisible as he sipped on his mead, idly fiddling with his paw-like digits.

Seated on the floor beside the barstool was a normal wolf, ears perked in the direction of the 2 newest inn-goers, eyeing precariously.
"Well? Are you just going to be a sour puss? I promised cheesecake"
Jonathan responded to Wyqrtyn's expression, before leading him to the counter and - deliberately - sitting by Falvias.
"Can I get two cups of mead and a cheesecake?"
Jonathan asked the Inn Keeper before turning to a bewildered Falvias.
"Haven't I seen you before?"
"Uhm, well..." The halfling floundered a bit before getting his mind towards the right track, "Well, I don't think so? No, I don't think we have met before."
He fiddled with a neat piece of silverware for a good second before realizing the answer didn't quite align with the question.
"Well, I've encountered your companion in the streets not too while ago- earlier today in Okotah?"
A dryad sits in the corner, accompanied by a small fox who is fixated on the wolf at the bar. The dryad is more interested at the halfling though, she recognizes him.
"Well... I'm Jonathan for what it's worth. My companion here is Wyqrtyn. Pleased to make your acquaintance."
The cheesecake arrives and Jonathan cut it in two before handing fork to Wyqrtyn with a smile.
"As promised."
He tells him, feeling at ease with the High Elf. Suddenly, he rembers Falvias is still present, and faces him again.
"So, who are you?"
Cue Falvias and Wyqrtyn
"Name's Falvias. I'm just a mere wayfarer. Not much is there to be said about my wanderings, in all my honesty; most of them were rather short and only glimpses to the true adventures of travelers."
"Are you looking for an adventure?"
Across the inn, the ears of the wolf-man perked up, angling towards the conversation, though not another muscle in his body moved.
Wrqytrn sets down his fork slowly, and turns around on his stool, facing away from the others. He hides a malicious grin. He laces his fingers and sets his elbows on the counter, listening intently.
Just realized I'm not following this thread, that's why I wasn't getting notifications.

someone cue me

please im desperate
"Well, I guess I've always did intend to undertake campaigns and such since I was young - well... younger. I was previously a farmboy, you know. Life was rather dreary at times and I just wanted something to... (galvanize?) galvanize my daily habits a little bit. The idea of adventure was very thrilling at that time."

"In the end, it didn't turn out too well unfortunately, this adventuring business, and I think most of my interests are rather faded at this point.."

Falvias drawls away into a quiet murmur, as if tuckered from his unsolicited rambles, and pensively drifted his eyes towards the rest of the inn. (Hint, Hint)
Jonathan followed his gaze, and came up with an idea.
"What if I - or someone in general - set you on a quest?"
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