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Let's write a book one sentence at a time!
Keep it appropriate
Only one sentence per post
Must make sense according to the storyline

This is the story so far

Starting sentence:
He was cold.
Thankfully, his best friend was there to keep him warm.
No words were needed - she just walked over and embraced him, reassuring him that they would survive together, regardless of nature’s icy rage.
But it was still cold.
And he was missing Jonathan too.
He got up and walked inside the cave to reminisce.
Unfortunately, his best friend followed after, bringing the unwelcome presence of another human being intruding on his personal thoughts.
"You okay?" asked the friend.
"I'm fine, I'm just, trying to think," he replied.
There was a lot on his mind at the time.
Specifically, he thought back to how and why he ended up here.
When was it that everything had changed?
Oh yes, that's right; it was when he came and made his life amazing, then left and crushed his heart.
The howling blizzard outside was unnavigable, but it was because of his departure that our hero had been lost these many years.
She touched his shoulder gingerly, as a friend; he flinched, reminded of the days with the sounds of bullets and hellfire raining down from the sky, now only replaced by the harsh splintering of hail.
"If you don't tell me what's wrong, then I won't be able to help you," she said, worried.
He shrugged her off and began to walk away again, "I want to be left alone."
"You've been like this the whole time, though," she whined, "Ever since he left."
He turned towards her while his face noticably turning red due to the shame and anger he was starting to feel, "How do you expect me to not be like this, after what happened?," His voice demanding for the answers the two knew would never be found, "Well?!"
They sat in silence for a moment, hearing the pitter-patter of rain reverberating against the cave walls.
"I'm sorry," he whispered.
She only responded with a simple "I know" before sitting down, leaning against one of the cave's walls.
The rain was coming now, harder and faster, and it seemed like there was no way to leave the cave anytime soon.
Feeling defeated, he sighed and sat down next to her trying to figure out what to say.
"I....I...I.." he tried to start, attempting to find the words to describe how important she was to him, even if he didn't show it at times.
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