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She noticed his attempts, and although some part of her felt upset, she nodded in understanding to show that she knew he cared for her too.
But she couldn't help but to be jealous of him.
The wind grew colder outside, blowing chilliness and debris from the crash; he reached into his pack and pulled out a match, lighting some nearby driftwood into a makeshift campfire.
They sat in silence.
The warm crackling of the fire, combined with the hollow sounds of rain over their heads gave the atmosphere a pleasant, yet somewhat eerie feeling that was perfect for sharing personal experiences.
He started first.
"I still remember the first time I saw you."
I was walking down the street when we bumped into each other
I got up, apologized, then offered to walk you home.
As we walked, you were hesitant to talk at first.
you said something like, "I remember you, we sat next to each other in chemistry. Remember?"
“Yeah… I do,” she responded with a sad smile, thinking about how she ended up here herself...
"It wasn't your fault, you know," he said, attempting to break the silence, "what happened to the pilot - it wasn't your fault."
But still...I just can't seem to get it out of my head
The image lingered in both of their minds.
Unbeknownst to them, the pilot, with margarita still in hand, had landed in the Galapagos as planned - Having taken the only parachute on the plane with him, he had stuck the landing and had been welcomed to the beaches.
Alarmed by the strange sight of the strange craft of the island, the natives went down to the beach to investigate. "What the f*cking hell is that?" one native asked upon laying its eyes on the plane.
"I think it's aliens..."
Meanwhile, however, they were freezing in a lone mountain peak - alone, with only each other and their thoughts.
"I think I'm about to go mad," he groaned, "any second now."
At that moment a human shadow fell across the cave, and they both looked up to find a bewildered fisherman blinking back at them.
"Who're yur fellers?" he asked, in a very stereotypical Southern accent.
"Yep. Definitely going mad."
"Dichya see that sign back there heh? Dichya learn how'ta read? heh? This is private property you here is standn on."
"Eye didunt wunt 2 dew dis bit eye have 2 now" (cocks shotgun)
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