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The sharp click of the firearm reverberated callously against the darkened walls.
He pointed the shotgun at them, and pulled the trigger; Out the end came a flag with "BANG!" written in big, white letters.
Now this specific old cowboy could never hurt a fly, however hard he tried to apear intimidating. He didn't even have the guts to get himself a real gun.
"I'm really sorry about that," he said, tripping over a rock, dropping his gun, and accidentally firing a real bullet into his own head.
The pair looked at the fallen fisherman, with blackened blood now oozing out of a hole in his head, where the bullet had situated itself quite nicely.
As the shotgun hit the floor another bullet was discharged out into the wilderness, curving through the air towards the most extraordinary target.
But the bullet suddenly stopped and fell short of its target, dropping still like a stone.
"Fool, did you really think I could so easily be defeated?" said President Donald Trump, lowering his hand.
His other hand, however, shot up into a firm Sieg Heil.
Jonathan shot up, hand clutching his chest; he looked around, calming as recognized his surroundings, and upon seeing Dectal sleeping next to him, he considered waking him to tell him of the strange dream he had with Dectal as the subject.
However, he decided not to, and let the peaceful creature slumber on.
(Anyone else forget this existed?)
He looked around the room, pulling the covers close to him.
Suddenly they were pulled away.
They felt themselves lifted off the cave floor by what seemed to be a giant starfish.
The giant starfish said, "this will be delicious food for me, yum yum!"
He was then thrown into a nearby underground lake
he needed to find a way out, somewhere.
Luckily there was a drainage pipe near by that you could climb into to escape.
But it was slippery
and so It slipped away and I
fell back into the watery depths of the lake.
He needed to find another way out, instead of that one.
He went through the emergency exit conveniently located to the side. Once opened, the door opened into a pit of alligators and Disco Music.
He wondered what the hell was in his drink as he takes in the chaotic scene.
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