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I dare you.
well, shit. I don't go by the rules
Dibs on your soul. You can have it back tho.
*what does that even mean
You’ll figure it out. Also you should make your white text actually white.
it looks pretty white to mejust saying
I can slightly see it tho. Just saying.
i cant make it any more white then that just so you know
Not with that attitude. Make sure the color tag says “#ffffff”
Hmph. I like my attitude. I forgot how many fs that was
Well I don’t like your tone, mister. Or miss. Or something else, I don’t know.
Mister?! I'll have you know that I'm a woman! idk what to put here but imma assume that you're a dude
Oh, well I’m sorry then. Nice to meet you. Yes! Another one of us!
Nice to meet you toohuahua
My challenge stands for everyone else. Just don’t do it. I dare you.
I didn't do it.
DIAV said:
I didn't do it.

That’s what they all say...
Especially Bart
Well played.
watch me
I’m always watching you. I’m always watching everyone.

Edit: I have become a transparent eyeball. Papa Ralph would be proud.
vigorous tame joke stomach beef cool seemly crow dashing infect rule abundant split maniacal sew disgusting foretell hatch sneeze tight card stay fascinated orange inscribe fling jellyfish stoop family fear astonish awake snap google jump cry dear steel banana overt adventurous beast stupendous luxuriant mew yummy humdrum verify foregoing old-fashioned female melted zebra fertile trade operate fast endure ajar justify
azerty said:
watch me

Watch me whip
Now watch me nae nae
Now watch me whip whip
Watch me nae nae
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