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A competition in witch you must try to create the worst burns of the century. Quote your friends, or type your own dumb phrases.
My favorites:
"Yo you so stupid you probably can't even count your IQ on your fingers"
"I don't have any kids?! Your mom doesn't have any kids!
The best and worst comebacks can be found on r/suicidebywords
Thanks Joy \/
It's a subreddit. Anything with "/r/" can be found by going to In this case, it's
Your face is a subreddit!
no u
Uno reverse card
uno skip card
Your mom is an uno skip card
Oh yeah, well you're a skip card
You're dumber than a smartcard.
You're a smartcard
You’re a dumbcard
You're as dumb as Crazy Frog
You're dumber than dumb, you're... really dumb idk
ur mum gey
Bro, you just posted cringe!!!!!
That's kinda cringe bro!!
your cringe (intentional grammar error for trashier comeback)
HAHA! I was doing it IRONICALLY! you thought I actually meant it? What is this, 2018?
Ironiism is very valid in today's day and age, now go suck on a newt you implorable damp shoelace

(Intentional not knowing the word "irony" for extra garbo)
Y'all are turning this into a really bad YouTube comments section
Like if you think fatty is far in real life

Edit: wow this really blew up! Thanks for the likes guys!
watched this video makes bad thing happen

and zombie scary
gives me ptsd and my daughter wet bed

why this

i had to eat dorito calm myself

edit: thank you for gold kind stranger
no ur a cheeto
Y'all are turning this into a really bad YouTube comments section

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