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What's "it", you ask?
My alt account.

Find my alt account.

Also I think this could be sandboxed, not sure

Hint 1: It's not relatively new. I didn't create it just for the sole purpose of this game.
all you can do is figure it out. I'm not revealing it myself.
I mean, there's a semi-obvious answer. You have the keys to Pinup's, so doesn't that technically make it your alt?
not that one, a different one.
One that I've been semi-active on.
In the forum, or just asking questions?
It has to be Garfield.Me.It'sGarfield. For many obvious reasons
What are those?
Also: I just did a deep dive through Gender Race and couldn't find alfanewmerik so I can't actually tell but it could have been a good point.
Well any account created after May 11th can be ruled out, as the account would have had to be around before Alfanewmerik made the thread

I feel like we need know Alfanewmerik is still using this alt. This thread has been dead so long that he might have given up.
I do occasionally use it, yes.
Also, it's restricted to the forum, with 1 or 2 questions
What category of the forum is it used most often in?
forum games
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