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I did once, but I think I got away with it

TCaS Secret Hitler

A game of misdirection, subterfuge, and secrecy

Rules adapted from here

The year is 1932. The place is pre-WWII Germany. In Secret Hitler, players are German politicians attempting to hold a fragile Liberal government together and stem the rising tide of Fascism. Watch out though—there are secret Fascists among you, and one player is Secret Hitler.

The Rules:

At the beginning of the game, players are assigned one of three roles: Liberal, Fascist, or Hitler.
All players are messaged with their role. In addition, the Fascists are given the identity of their fellow Fascists as well as Hitler.
Hitler is not given the identity of their fellow Fascists.

The first Presidential Candidate is selected randomly.


Secret Hitler is played in rounds that begin with an Election.


At the beginning of the election, the Presidential Candidacy moves to the player next in the player list.
The Presidential Candidate will then select a player to be their Chancellor. The Chancellor may be any eligible player. The Presidential Candidate may discuss their choice of Chancellor with other players beforehand.
The previous elected President and Chancellor are term-limited and are not eligible to be nominated for Chancellor.

Players will then vote to elect the Presidential Candidate and Chancellor. If there is a tie, or the majority of players vote against the government, the government fails, and the election cycle starts over.

If three governments fail in a row, the government is thrown into chaos, and the policy on the top of the Policy Deck is immediately passed. Powers granted by this policy are ignored. Term limits reset, and every player becomes eligible to be named Chancellor.

If the majority of players vote for the Presidential Candidate and Chancellor, the government passes, and the game proceeds.

Legislative Session:

At the beginning of the Legislative Session, three Policies are drawn from the top of the Policy Deck and are presented to the President. The President discards one Policy, and passes the two remaining Policies to the Chancellor. The Chancellor then selects one of the two Policies to pass.

The Chancellor and President are not allowed to communicate with each other during the Legislative Session.

The policies drawn by the President and presented to the Chancellor are not revealed to the players - they must rely on the word of the President and Chancellor, who are free to lie.

Presidential Powers:

When a Fascist policy is passed, the President is granted a new Presidential Power according to the number of Fascist Policies passed. The President must use their power before the next Election. Only one power is available to the President at a time, and is used up once the President has used their power (with the exception of Execution, which is available twice.)

1 Policy:
Policy Peek: The top three Policies in the Policy Deck are revealed to the President.

2 Policies:
Investigate Loyalty: The President may choose any player to investigate. Their party loyalty is then revealed only to the President, who may lie to the rest of the players.

3 Policies:
Special Election: The President may choose the next Presidential Candidate. The election then proceeds as normal.

A Special Election does not skip players. After a Special Election, the next Presidential Candidate is the one after the President that called the Special Election.

4-5 Policies:
Execution: The President may choose any player to execute. If the executed player is Hitler, the game ends in a Liberal victory.

5 Policies:
When five Fascist Policies are passed, the government gains Veto Power for all following legislative sessions.
After the President and Chancellor receive their Policies, the Chancellor may ask for the policies they received to be Vetoed. If the President and Chancellor agree, then the two Policies are discarded and the Candidacy moves to the next player. If the President disagrees, the Chancellor must select a Policy as normal.

Each successful use of Veto Power counts as a failed government, as discussed in Elections.

Winning The Game:
Liberals win the game if five Liberal policies are passed, or if Hitler is killed.
Fascists win the game if six Fascist policies are passed, or if Hitler is elected Chancellor after three Fascist policies are passed.

Other Rules:

Players must not communicate with each other privately outside of the Discussion Thread.


If this all seems intimidating, don't worry: I'll always help to walk players that are unsure what to do through playing. Even if you're not sure how to play, don't be afraid to jump right in!

Games require a minimum of five players, and have a maximum of ten.

Can you stop the Secret Hitler?

Player List:
1. Justabitjaded
2. Azerty
3. Alfanewmerik
4. Chotano
6. Evergreen

Please post to the thread if you have any questions.


Liberal Policies: [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Fascist Policies: [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Current Power: Investigate Loyalty

President: DIAV
Chancellor: Evergreen

Previous President: Alfanewmerik
Previous Chancellor: DIAV

Failed Governments: 0

Player List:
1. Justabitjaded
2. Azerty
3. Alfanewmerik
4. Chotano
6. Evergreen
I'll give it a go.
BTW when skimming the rules, realized I watched a video of it being played here
Now that we've got at least five players, we have enough to begin. Signups will remain open until 2PM tomorrow, when role PMs will be sent to all players, and the first Presidential Candidate will be chosen.
eh i'll join
Signups are closed! Role PMs will go out shortly.
Role PMs have been sent. Check your messages to know your role and alignment.

The first Presidential Candidate has been chosen randomly. The first Candidate is alfanewmerik.

Discussion is now open in this thread. Players may debate who they want the Candidate to select as Chancellor. Once the Chancellor has been selected, players may debate whether or not to vote for the government.

Players should vote by PM. Though they may claim to vote one way or the other in the discussion thread, any votes cast here are non-binding.

Discussion will run until all votes have been cast, or until 24 hours have passed since the last message in the discussion thread. If your vote has not been cast by this point in time, your vote will be cast randomly.
Just a reminder - Please Please PLEASE follow this thread if you have joined this round!
quick question - since we don't have a physical deck to play cards with, how the heck are we going to "draw" (randomly select) policy cards?
I'm guessing the next step is for Alphanumerical to reply with who he wants as chancellor, so we can vote yes or no. (pick me lol lets get this game moving! :D) At this point in the game, that choice is pretty random, so it doesn't matter who you pick. Lets get this game moving!
\/ \/ about discussion below, I totally agree. I vote NO CHEATING
The Policy Deck is a randomized list of 6 Liberal policies and 11 Fascist policies.
sorry, but you gave me two roles.
You received your role at the beginning of the game. You also were randomly selected to be the Presidential Candidate at the beginning of the game. You now have to select one other player to be your Chancellor.
The suspense is real.
Oh can we agree to not have secret pm discussions with other players? If you want to try and hide stuff in your posts to this thread then go ahead I guess, but I think that pm discussions shouldn't be used, as this was originally a tabletop game.
I agree to that! alpha pick me as chancellor
So should we try to self-promote ourselves to Alfa or is he gonna choose randomly for now?
Oh boy this is going to be way too difficult just because of the sheer sarcasm of the internet.

There's not much reason to promote ourselves just because the group as a whole doesn't have any information about anything.
That's tru. But has he seen my dance moves? /s
I select chotano as my chancellor.
Now for voting, should we pm Lazro and have him tell us who voted yes and no?

Just because if this were IRL we'd all reveal our votes to each other at the same time.

Also sorry Laz if I'm stepping on your feet here a bit.
Oh no, don't feel bad about that, we're all figuring this out a bit as we go along. Yes, you should all PM me with your votes.

You can claim to vote either way in the thread, but votes in the discussion thread are non-binding - as I said earlier, votes are only official if they're PM'd to me.

We have received 6/7 votes.
Could we please have a list of the order that people will become president? I believe that's public knowledge in the original game.

No PMs: agreed.
I'm assuming the order is the same is in the "Player List" in the first two posts.
Not necessarily, which I why I'm asking Lazro.
Yep, it's in order of the player list. Next election, Azerty will be the Candidate.
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