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Since one day has passed in the thread with no activity, the vote of the player that has yet to vote will be cast randomly.

The Government has passed! Alfanewmerik is the President, and Chotano is the Chancellor.

1. azerty: Ja!
2. hellowhatisthis: Ja!
3. ちょたの_chotano: Nein
4. justabitjaded: Ja!
5. DIAV: Ja!
6. Purplelover: Ja!
7. alfanewmerik: Ja!

The President will now draw three Policies off the top of the Policy Deck. They will then discard one Policy, and the two remaining Policies will be revealed to the Chancellor. The Chancellor will then select one policy to pass.

Players outside of the Government may continue discussion in this thread, however, the President and Chancellor are forbidden to communicate publicly or privately with each other or other players.

The President and Chancellor must select a policy within 24 hours of receiving their policies by PM. If more than 24 hours go by, then a policy will be selected for them according to their role (i.e. if a Liberal Chancellor receives a Liberal and Fascist policy, then the Liberal Policy will be selected. If said player receives two Fascist policies, however, a Fascist policy will be selected.)
I got a bruh

3 facist
What part of "the President and Chancellor are forbidden to communicate publicly" did you miss?

As I said in the discussion thread and the PM I sent to you, the President is not supposed to communicate in the Discussion thread until the Chancellor selects a policy.
The President and Chancellor have selected a policy to pass.

The Government has passed a Fascist Policy.

The President has received the Policy Peek power. The top three policies off of the Policy deck will now be revealed to them.

A new Election has begun. The current Presidential Candidate is Azerty.

Azerty must now select a Chancellor. The Chancellor must be selected before the last post in this thread is 24 hours old.

Players are encouraged to discuss who they believe will be a suitable choice for Chancellor - achieving a consensus makes it more likely that the Government will be elected.
Top 3 are 2 facist and 1 liberal
My Chancellor nomination is justabitjaded. Vote for us!
Azerty has chosen justabitjaded as their Chancellor. As before, Players should vote by PM.

Discussion will run until all votes have been cast, or until 24 hours have passed since the last message in the discussion thread. If your vote has not been cast by this point in time, your vote will be cast randomly.
We should be able to pass a liberal policy this time.

We should keep track of which policies are gone. Assuming accurate info all round we started with 11 fascist and 6 liberal, there are 5 and 1 accounted for, leaving a useful 6 and 5 deck.

If, however, Alfa is a fascist they could have picked their fellow fascist as chancellor, lied about the cards, burned 2 liberal policies and passed one of their own, or picked a liberal Chancellor and burned one card. I'm not saying that is so, just pointing out the possibilities.

The odds of getting 3 fascist policies at the start were about 0.24
Do we know how many people have each role? Other than Hitler, of course.
I believe it is 2 fascists (who know about each other and Hitler) plus Hitler who doesn't know who the others are.
3/7 in total.
Yep, you've got that right.
I'm willing to provide a screenshot but I feel like that would ruin the game
Nah, it’s like mafia: the whole point is lying and speculation and turning against each other.
Azerty's right - I don't post the results publicly for a reason. A core mechanic is that anyone is free to lie about whatever private information they have - that's why posting proof isn't allowed.
All the votes are in!

The Government has failed! The Candidacy moves on.

1. azerty: Ja!
2. hellowhatisthis: Nein
3. ちょたの_chotano: Nein
4. justabitjaded: Ja!
5. DIAV: Ja!
6. Purplelover: Nein
7. alfanewmerik: Nein

For a total of 3 Ja!s, and 4 Neins.

Hellowhatisthis now has 24 hours to select their Chancellor. If they fail to select a Chancellor before 24 hours have passed, a Chancellor will be randomly selected.
Well, that's unexpected. I'm interested to hear the decision-making process behind those votes...

We're off to a rough start.
I nominate Purple to be my chancellor.
Hey screw you all
Alfa, do you know the order of the next 3? Which one was first?
I don't think it matters. Unless someone wants to out themselves as a Fascist we should get a liberal policy passed and 2 fascist ones burned, which is optimal. We need to accept a government.

I would very much like to hear from those who voted no last time. What was your reasoning?
next three were 2 facist and 1 liberal
I'm with DIAV - I would also very much like to know why people voted no. We're so early in the game - we should vote in favor of the first few governments, just so we can have some information. Why did you vote no?
I'm going to put this vaguely: I have reason to believe the President would want to pass a policy I would not like
IDK about the rest of you all but personally I voted no to mix things up a bit. I now realize that was a bad move from a strategic standpoint, now that I look at this game again. sorry. This is just our first round, I'm still learning lol. Anyway - I'm excited to be a nominee for the chancellor- vote4me guys!
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