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Just in case anyone missed it - please vote Nein for this and the next 8 proposed governments!
All the votes are in!

The Government has failed! The Candidacy moves on.

1. Justabitjaded: Nein
2. Azerty: Nein
3. Alfanewmerik: Nein
4. Chotano: Nein
5. DIAV: Nein
6. Evergreen: Nein

A new Election has begun. The current Presidential Candidate is DIAV.

DIAV must now select a Chancellor. The Chancellor must be selected before the last post in this thread is 24 hours old.

Players are encouraged to discuss who they believe will be a suitable choice for Chancellor - achieving a consensus makes it more likely that the Government will be elected.
Just pick someone so we can fail it
I propose Evergreen as chancellor.

@ Lazro - can you please confirm that while we keep failing proposals Alfa and I remain locked out as the last successfully elected government?
Also the front page still shows Cho as the presidential candidate.
Once three governments fail in a row, term limits are reset. Until that point, the last elected government is term limited.
OK, thanks. I don't think that rule has been triggered before.
Hey what’s happened to this? I think it’s been well over 24 hours since the last post lol
By 29 days.
Almost a month.
About 2 months by now
this isn't bump chotano
My bad
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