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i have no idea whats happening
you thought you were sneaky weren't ya
I'm going to put this vaguely: I have reason to believe the President would want to pass a policy I would not like

the president as in me (if the government doesn't fail again) or Alfa? I know you might be purposefully vague but I'm curious.

about last time: I did some guesswork based on everyone's post histories, and thought the likelihood of either Azerty and/or Jaded being a fascist wasn't low.
All the votes are in!

The Government has passed! Hellowhatisthis is the President, and Purplelover is the Chancellor.

1. azerty: Nein
2. hellowhatisthis: Ja!
3. ちょたの_chotano: Ja!
4. justabitjaded: Ja!
5. DIAV: Ja!
6. Purplelover: Ja!
7. alfanewmerik: Ja!

The President will now draw three Policies off the top of the Policy Deck. They will then discard one Policy, and the two remaining Policies will be revealed to the Chancellor. The Chancellor will then select one policy to pass.

Players outside of the Government may continue discussion in this thread, however, the President and Chancellor are forbidden to communicate publicly or privately with each other or other players.

The President and Chancellor must select a policy within 24 hours of receiving their policies by PM. If more than 24 hours go by, then a policy will be selected for them according to their role (i.e. if a Liberal Chancellor receives a Liberal and Fascist policy, then the Liberal Policy will be selected. If said player receives two Fascist policies, however, a Fascist policy will be selected.)
The President and Chancellor have selected a policy to pass.

The Government has passed a Fascist Policy.

The President has received the Investigate Loyalty power. They must now select a player, whose role will then be revealed to them. Keep in mind that their role will only be known for sure to the President - they are free to lie.
Hello and Purple, would you two like to explain how that happened?
I burned a fascist policy.
Jaded is a liberal. sorry i doubted u
Hellowhatisthis has investigated justabitjaded. The results of this investigation have been revealed to them.

A new Election has begun. The current Presidential Candidate is Chotano.

Chotano must now select a Chancellor. The Chancellor must be selected before the last post in this thread is 24 hours old.

Players are encouraged to discuss who they believe will be a suitable choice for Chancellor - achieving a consensus makes it more likely that the Government will be elected.
Chotano (session 1) . Hello and Purple (session 2), please tell us what policy cards you were given.
I'm a bit suspicious of hello because I was given 2 fascist cards. It is CRUTUAL that we elect liberals in this next vote guys!!
I was given 2 fascist and 1 liberal. This can be corroborated with Alfa's previous statement that he made after using the Policy Peek power to view the next three policies on the policy deck. I burned didn't burn the liberal policy, as stated truthfully above.

edit: I support DIAV, Jaded, or Alfa as chancellor.
edit 2: wait, can previous presidents be selected again as chancellor?
I burned a fascist policy.

I burned the liberal policy, as stated truthfully above.

So uhhh... which one is it?
Both the previous President and Chancellor are term-limited, and cannot be selected as Chancellor.
chotano hasn't come on...
I was given 2 fascist policies.

I propose azerty to be my chancellor
If we trust Alfa's statements from earlier, then there is currently only a 12% chance that the next 3 are all fascist policies. I'm maybe okay with Azerty, but you guys better pass a liberal law.
What exactly does a liberal law mean? Lazro's first post describes fascist laws but not liberal ones.
i'm pretty sure the policies are just the words "fascist" and "liberal" amd we have to pick. there's not really any specifics
no, i meant like you know how a fascist policy gives the president specific powers (policy peek, investigate loyalty so far)? are there policy powers for a president after a liberal policy is passed?

The point of the powers from a game design PoV is to give the liberals a reason to pass fascist policies.
I'm going to put this vaguely: I have reason to believe the President would want to pass a policy I would not like

I think we need clarification on this. I can see no way for you to have any meaningful evidence for it.

Have I missed something?
I was saying that since there are only a certain number of people with my role, the chance that someone doesn't have my role is greater.
There are 3 fascists including Hitler, and 4 liberals. If you're on the fascist side, then yes, the odds that a random someone else is not on your team are higher than that they are on your team (4-2). If you're a liberal, then the odds are an even 3-3. You're sounding a lot like a fascist.
yeah ever since the alpha-cho govn’t i’ve suspected cho of fascism. this all but confirms it
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