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This thread is exactly what the title says: A roleplay arena.
Here are the rules:

Step 1: Create a person in this format: Name, age, gender, description/abilities

Step 2: Attack the person that posted last.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2.

I'll go first: Kairos, 976, male, a famous wizard commonly known for his time magic, but can also do other cool stuff.
Shadow, age Unknown, known for his surprising amount of endurance, health, slight invulnerability, and spontaneous creation of pitch-black tentacles. Somehow doesn’t die from attacks to vital areas. Likes a draconic (4 legs, 2 wings) format, though can change according to circumstance. In a humanoid form, can summon a shapeshifting weapon. Rarely ever used though.
Too long?
Also, why attack twice?

*Shadow attacks Kairos in draconic form!*
Name: Z
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Abilities: When in an overabundance of emotion (can be brought about by intense, intense focus as well) goes into a juggernaut mode in which she is extremely strong, fast, agile, and durable. Carries around a giant staff that doubles as nunchucks. It looks like a glowstick.

Z goes into juggernaut form due to panic, and straightforwardly attacks Shadow.

(Also maybe we should make a race catagory if we wanna make it a dnd esque thingy)
Kairos recovers with a few words, and then blasts Z with a bolt of lightning.
*Counter! Shadow attacks Z with tentacles!*
Shadow attacks Kairos by wrapping him with tentacles and slamming him into the ground, binding him in the process.
PS: I know nothing about DnD. Sorry.
Name: Spencer
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Abilities: Tech Support Agent

Spencer realizes this is not Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, Washington. He must have made the wrong turn. He compliments Shadow's costume.
“Oh, thank you. But, uh, isn’t really a costume.
Also, you do NOT look like you’re in the position to fight. How in the world did you get in here?”
Shadow summons his weapon as a knife and gives it to Spencer as best he can.
“Tell me you know how to fight. I’m not in the mood for an escort mission.”
Kairos quickly breaks free and blasts Shadow with a pulse of energy.
He also determinedly ignores Spencer.
Shadow growls, before slamming Kairos into a wall, whist also secreting black liquid.
Spencer is late for his Status Update Meeting. He goes into a blind rage and starts crying in the corner.
Suddenly Spencer realizes that he is a grown man and shouldn't be crying. He very weakly shanks Kairos with his knife.
The knife breaks. Shadow starts laughing hysterically while Kairos looks at Spencer with a deadpan expression, keeping a suspiciously straight face.
Kairos takes one look at Shadow and ties him up with ropes of light from his hand.
Spencer weakly heads for the exit. He can't find it, so he starts to play Candy Crush on his phone.
Spencer inserts his AirPods and begins to transcend time and space. He is a god among men. "Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift motivates him to release an ear-piercing recital of the chorus: 'Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play, and the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Kairos and Shadow are rendered deaf.
“Hmm, this is rather inconvenient.”
Shadow dusts the knife.
“Oh, by the way, that liquid’s still on you. I’d recommend keeping track of it.”
Shadow somehow starts melting the ropes.
He is also restrainting himself from stabbing Spencer straight through the heart.
Kairos look down, and with a wave of his hand, makes the liquid coalesce into a ball, which he throws at Z.
"I hoped I would never have to use this on you, but..."
He then proceeds to freeze Shadow in time.
Shadow very quickly breaks his shell, revealing a pure black blob.
It then wraps Kairos.
*Congrats! You seem to have pinned yourself.*
Time has stopped. Spencer is confused why he can't un-pause "Shake it Off".
Kairos engulfs himself in a ball of fire, melting the shell, and then strikes Shadow with a giant bolt of lightning.
"Oh, look, it's that Spencer dude!"
Feeling pity for "that Spencer dude", Kairos unfreezes Spencer, because he is not that mean.
It's a fireworks show! Spencer remembers he is epileptic and proceeds to have a seizure. Rip.
The blob starts to drip, the drops somehow gravitating Spencer’s way.
After a while, the small blob resembles a really tiny snake. It cocks its head at Spencer.
It then proceeds to wrap and melt the body, becoming bigger as it works it’s way through.
Spencer awakes but seems to have memory loss. His playlist is now on "Firework" by Katy Perry. It seems that he is being coated by some substance.
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