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Shadow recalls the small blob, adding it to his now liquidy self. He seemed shocked.
The bolt of lighting was not the cause, though it did hurt a bit.
The black liquid spread around the area.
Spencer realizes there is some black mud on his suit. He needs a bath.
Kairos is getting bored with this lack of power.
He gives a small snort of derision and throws Shadow into the nearest black hole.
The “black mud” begins eating through Spencer’s clothes, erasing them in the process.
Spencer takes note of the magic around him and pulls out his cellphone camera. Since he's probably fired from Microsoft, he might as well make a cool YouTube video.
Kairos chucks the phone into the black hole, too.
He is wondering whether to chuck Spencer in, also, but then...
The Bluetooth AirPods disconnect. Spencer has lost his will to live. He runs directly at Kairos expecting instantaneous death.
But Kairos is busy trying to see why Z still hasn't woke up yet.
Spencer trips and falls into the black hole.
The black liquid wraps around Kairos, melting his skin and clothes.
I’d recommend not throwing me in a black hole, unless you’d like to die from your wounds.

Somehow, most of it managed to latch before the host fell.
Spencer's body absorbs cosmic matter. He becomes invulnerable. (Also he retrieves his phone, which has moved on to some obscure song by Billie Eilish)
Kairos gives another small snort of derision.
"You know I am famous for my time-warping abilities, right?"
He goes back in time a few seconds.
Shadow is completely unaware.
Kairos shrinks a star, grabs it, and punches Shadow with the power of the stars.
Shadow is now seeing stars.
Shadow, now blinded, uses his tentacles to wrap himself, before hardening them.
“To be honest, didn’t even know who you were before this whole thing started.”
... and Spencer is back on the highway on his way to Microsoft Headquarters. It is 7:30 AM, 65 degrees out, and partly cloudy in Redmond. He could have been sure time just went backwards, but he's not too sure. He makes it to his meeting on time. Spencer receives a promotion and salary bonus. It's a good day. He gets home at about 6:30 PM and heats up leftover pizza from the night before. Olives and sausage. Perfect, just as he likes it. He goes to bed at around 10:45 PM and wakes up the next day. It's a Saturday, which means corn-hole tournament with the boys. He remembers nothing of the encounter with Kairos, Z, and Shadow. It's the end of the story for Spencer.
But not exactly...
Uh oh...
Wyyca, age unknown, female, known for her ability to shapeshift, but can do other things, too. Is currently in human form.
She says to Spencer:
“Hi, do you know where Shadow is?”
"Oh, he's right over there."
“Gestures don’t help in this crowded area.”
(If talking to Spencer)
“Wait, then why is he a ball?”
(If talking to Kairos)
“What did you do to him?”
Wyyca is evidently not happy.
"Well, I think he did it to himself..."
“He doesn’t ball up without a purpose.
So, why is he a ball?”

Shadow is silently observing the conversation.
"Um, uhhh...
Why do you care anyways? Are you his boyfriend or sister?"
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