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Why did you say boyfriend and then sister?”
Kairos, in the midst of trying to come up with a clever comeback, has an idea. He suddenly traps Wyyca in a blazing ball of fire and strikes it repeatedly with lightning.
Wyyca quickly forms a shield around her to protect herself.
“What the- Hey! You don’t do that to people, you know!”
Shadow uses his tentacles to bind Kairos and proceeds to melt skin and armor alike.
A blinding flash of light engulfs the arena; when everyone regains their eyesight, Kairos is standing behind Wyyca and Shadow, both inside a cage of light.
S: “Gog damn it, I hate being blinded.”
Wyyca shifts into Soulseer Mizutsune.
Naturally blind, it uses bubbles to sense prey instead. Leviathan Class Monster.
Wyyca then uses the bubble aura and teleports her and Shadow out of the cage.
Kairos pops all the bubbles.
W: “Oh, thank you for doing my work for me.”
Wyyca now starts to do a targeted assault on Kairos with explosive, blue-tinted bubbles.
Shadow is trying not to laugh.
Kairos is also trying not to laugh.
S: “Should you not be focused on dodging the explosive bubbles?”
Wyyca continues the assault.
S: “I mean, unless you like bubbles so much that you don’t care about being hit by them.”
"He he."
Kairos summons a tornado that engulfs Shadow and pulls all the bubbles.
Screams fill the arena.
Shadow is left with a very broken shell, liquid dripping before lashing out at the surroundings.
Wyyca and Kairos are both hit.
Wyyca heals up her wounds.
Shadow looks tired.
The arena rumbles.
"You'll pay for that..."
A beam of light comes down from the sky and hits Shadow.
More screams.
The screams stop abruptly.
Male shapeshifter with ice and fire elemental powers

Zenith shoots a combined beam of both fire and ice at Kairos, causing him to fall.
Black liquid is smeared all over the area and people.
Wyyca artificially sheds her skin and teleports out of the arena.
The black liquid then melts the walls, lashing randomly at anything.
Kairos and Zenith is hit and marked.
Sorry, Zenith. Let’s hope you can save yourself in time.
Zenith transforms into a slime, and absorbs the black goo.
Then, he shoots a concentrated pulse of the slime at his surroundings.
Wyyca and Kairos both get knocked back by about a hundred feet each.
Wyyca falls hard to the ground, shifted in a draconic form.
W: “Gog damn it, I JUST came back.”
The liquid separates from the slime and walls, before reforming into a draconic shape and nodding at the new person.
It’s still dripping and small tentacles are lashing at anything it can touch.
"Ooh, this looks fun!"
Flames engulf the arena.
Kairos summons a tornado, creating a flame twister.
Shadow, Wyyca and Zenith all get sucked into the flames.
Kairos almost forgot about the black goo.
With a wave of his hand, the goo flings itself into the tornado.
Wyyca forms a shield around her and Zenith.
Shadow is sucked by the tornado, unable to keep his shape.
"You guys are allies now?
Well, I'll just have to kill both of you."
Kairos summons a crackling ball of electricity. The ball shoots out a bolt of lightning, breaking the shield and electrocuting both Zenith and Wyyca.
Wyyca manages to get most of the electricity to her, shifting into what seems to be a leviathan with really tiny wings and fur on its back and limbs.
It floats up into the air, electricity crackling as she goes.
A storm starts to collect above the area.
Kairos is getting tired of this.
He summons a giant hand.
The hand grabs Wyyca and repeatedly smashes her against the ground.
It eventually throws her into the sky.
Meanwhile, Zenith uses his ice powers to stop the fire.
The entire field has now been converted to ice.
The hand smashes the ice into tiny shards.
The shards start attacking Zenith in droves.
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