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Pick a word from the post above, and change it to whatever you like.
Lat's see what happens.
let's* see what happens
also there's already a thread for this look for it in page 2 or 3 or something
let's see what happenens
Let's see what goes.
Let's happen what goes.
Let's do what goes.
Let's do what comes.
Let's eat what comes.
Let's eat what cooks.
No eat what cooks
Don't cook what cooks
Don't cook what regurgitates
Don't regurgitate what regurtitates
Eat what regurgitates
Eat what doesn't regurgitate
Eat what can’t regurgitate
Eat what fucks regurgitate
Eat what fucks kill.
Eat what people kill.
Eat what carrots kill.
Hunt what carrots kill.

I'm guessing this is just a shorter version of change a word in the sentence? Or does it have different rules, like you can rearrange the words like in change one letter? (I.E. "Hunt what carrots kill" to "Eat what carrots hunt" would be a valid move b/c only one word was really changed, the others were shuffled around)
Hunt what carrots do

I'm pretty sure you can only change on word
Hunt what people do
Hunt people's people do
Kill people's people do
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