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You should know already.

I lost the Game
I lost the Game.
Yah me too lol
first time losing in like a few months
I lost the game
Didn’t you already lose?
You can always lose the game. Do you know how the Game works?
I doubt you can lose twice though.
That’s just weird.
Stop following.
Gosh darn it lost again
I’m far too bored, so might as well cause your fourth loss.
But seriously, stop following.
It’s quite good for you, if you want to stop.
I LoSt ThE gAmE
I have lost the game.
Do we count this forum as part of the game?
what game?
I lost the game
me too lol
Naw Naw Naw this aint fair! This is a trap!! This should be illegal!
I lost the game
I am SO confused.
You should know already.

It’s The Game. Rules: Don’t.
Well, I don’t, so THERE.
THE GAME (n.) - A mind game wherein everybody is playing, even if they don't know it. The goal of THE GAME is to not think about THE GAME. If you think about THE GAME, you have lost THE GAME and you must declare "I just lost THE GAME" or some variation, but you must refer to THE GAME by name. Once you stop thinking about THE GAME, you are back into the running for THE GAME and can lose again.

The sort-of-obvious point of THE GAME is that when somebody loses, it creates a chain. They declare about their loss, which causes others in their vicinity to lose as well because their declaration invariably makes them think about THE GAME. This has caused some to refer to THE GAME as a 'mind-virus'

There is no way to win THE GAME. The only thing you should care about is not losing.

It's a really stupid but everybody plays because it's (borderline) fun and it's sort of an inside joke. Also, I've known people who get REALLY pissed about losing.


I just lost the game

I am now losing The Game
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