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Essentially, Is a roleplay, where you can do whatever. I don't care, as long as it follows the rules.
What are the rules?
TCAS rules
. . .

( whatever, i guess? as long as it isn't illegal or weird.
Make the first move, and we'll go from there.)
Yeah pretty much.

Frostfire hands out donuts
Wyyca eats said donuts.
W: "Why do you like donuts so much?"
"Well, I just do. They taste good."
W: "Ah. Alright.
So, how do your abilities work?"
Well, they're mostly Ice based. My scales are like 2 degrees kelvin, and my breath is just supercold. The fire is inside me, and makes my personality. It also allows for the ability to make things warmer. When combined, if you rapidly freeze/melt metal it tends to lose it's stability, so pretty well! :P
W: “Oh.
I kinda just tend to have multiple souls out in front when I need them.
I say ‘just,’ but it’s still a complicated process to nab and tame them.
I’m surprised you aren’t frosting over right now, to be honest.”
Thedagman walks up, overhearing the conversation and deciding to join it
T: What is it like, having multiple souls? is it hard? I only have one
W: “Yeah, especially when they’re sentient.
Most souls are like ‘oh, okay, this is a thing now,’ but then there’s people that aren’t happy with that. So, appeasing happens. I regularly let them out, let them do their stuff, as long as they don’t attack any settlements.
Sometimes, they still get pissed at me, and then I blank out. Not fun.”
T: wait. are we talking about claimed souls? I have quite a few of those
W: “So do I.
Yes and no. Not all my souls are sentient, and human souls are sentient. So.”
T: what is sentient?
W: “Beyond a certain level of intelligence.”
T: oh.
W: “What? I would expect you to be happy that your species is in the upper echelons of intelligence.”
T: That went straight over my head
W: “you’re quite lucky to be sentient. most never get the chance.”
T: i guess you're correct
W: “Mmmf.
So, what do you do?
Are you experienced in anything?”
T: I'm experienced in gaming, if that counts. That's pretty much it. I just began high school. I'm also experienced in kart racing
W: “Only the racing games?
I don’t particularly like those.
I like games with story to them, that I can enjoy.
Or I suppose, that play like a really interactive novel, with the story not being almost entirely explained though cutscenes, but rather emerge as you get deeper.”
T: No, i meant as in I'm experienced in a wide variety of games, and am experienced in kart racing in real life.
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