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W: “It negates any attack. For example...”
Wyyca then swats Dag with her claw.
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W: “Doesn’t even hurt! Maybe a ‘ow,’ but otherwise, no pain!”
T: *shoots wyyca once*
did that hurt?
W: “Meanie.
And no. It’s just a very detailed experience.”
T: what's that suppossed to mean?
Wyyca takes out a strange knife and scraps the blade along the ground. After a few passes, it glows red.
She then puts it in Dag.
It’s very uncomfortably hot, plus all the normal things that comes with having a knife on your skin.
The wound doesn’t bleed.
FF: "I still don't understand this 'bubble', please explain further. I would like to understand the physics of it"
>Also btw, what time zones are yall in ?
T: I'm in central
Uh, apparently I'm in ET. Or EST?
W: "It's just a certain area of effect thing. I called it a bubble because 'bubble' is fun to say.
It kinda just makes your Health not go down, ever. Makes you immune to all damage. Status conditions still work, but they still won't give you any damage."
T: do you gain health in the bubble?
W: "Consult the tent if you want to regain Health or change."
She takes the knife out.
Frostfire pulls a full size kitchen seemingly out of nowhere and starts making things

>What can i say? I like foods
T: what things are you making
FF: "Do you want fried rice ? "
T: hel yeah
W: "Does it have veggies?"
T: fried rice is lit no matter what's in it
W: “I don’t like veggies. And it’s a waste of food if you try to give it to me.”
T: fried riiiice is liiiit
For: "it's everything fried rice, mostly pepperoni though"
W: “Oh.
...fine, I’ll have.”
T: wtf pepperoni fried rice?
W: “It’s pepperoni, in fried rice.
It’s not that weird, all things considered.”
FF: "Okay, take!"

Frostfire hands out fried rice with a bit of almost everything in it.
Wyyca then proceeds to throughly pick out the veggies and put them in a bag, before eating the rest.
She then gives the bag to Frostfire.
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