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Okay, we've got a few things to get straight here.

One person suggests a move. Only one.

I'll reply with what happens.


If this thread dies after one page, then so be it.

If I take a hiatus, I'll choose the person who controls the storyline.

Let's get started.

You wake up. It is 2069. You open your eyes, and see a message flashing before your eyes.

> Read message

>Ignore message
Sorry if I sound mean.
Read message.
I mean, we could also vote, right?
Also, what would happen if you took an unplanned hiatus?
If I don't respond, then yes, you can vote.

The message says:

"Get out of the house. There's no time."

> Obey the instructions.

> Get ready, just in case.

> Ignore the message.
Get ready.
You look around the room. You wonder what to pack. You can carry three things. Choose wisely.

> Canned food

> Your phone

> A first aid kit

> Rope

> A pocket knife

> Matches

> A memento

Choose three of them.
First aid kit, knife & matches.
I for one would take my phone over the matches. There ought to be a flashlight on it.
You grab your first-aid kit, knife, and matches. However, you begin to feel foolish for trusting such a suspicious message. You wonder whether to actually get ready or put it back.

> Keep the stuff at the door.

> Put it back.

> Stand awkwardly in the middle of the room, unsure what to do.
Keep it.
Maybe switch the matches for the phone.
You switch the matches for the phone. You hear a strange sound in the distance.

> Look out the window.

> Get out of the house.

> Ignore it.
Get out.
As soon as you run out the door, a laser strikes the place where you were just standing.

> Run.

> Get the stuff.

> Try to warn the neighbors.
Warn the neighbors, quickly. Preferably while moving.
You run to the nearest house, only to find that the neighbors are already outside. Your stuff is still in the house.

> Go get it.

> Run alone.

> Run with the neighbors.
Go get the things, before quickly following the neighbors.
You get your stuff, and follow the neighbors. They seem to not have prepared at all.
You ask where to go now. The neighbors give you some options.

> The nuclear fallout base

> The forest

> The nearest government building

> The space elevator
Nuclear fallout base.
Hopefully, that place has rations of some sort.
You look up directions to the nuclear fallout base. However, there is no signal.

> Leave the neighbors.

> Stay with the neighbors.
"Hey, maybe go to the forest?"
The neighbors remind you that that forest is a dump site for genetic experiments gone wrong. There could be anything in there.

> Go anyways.

> Don't go.
"Do we have weapons?"
I'll start going there.
The neighbors tell you about a chamber underground filled to the brim with weapons, but no rations.

> Go there first.

> Go into the forest.
Go the the base first.
"What type of experiments are there?"
The neighbors, on their way to the stash of weapons, tell you about tiger-wolf hybrids.
You soon reach the stash.

> Just go in.

> Knock on the door.

> Enter cautiously.
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