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Enter cautiously
Enter cautiously.
What they said
Vote for the next Teller.
I'll come back later.
Wyyca21 said:
Well, let’s try this out, I guess.

There’s quite a few people that notice your presence. All armed with a variety of weapons.
What do you do?

> Run into the rest of the forest.
> Run to another location (specify)
> Attempt to fight with your inventory. [first-aid kit, knife, and phone]
(>or reason.)
>run into a cave
They end up following you. With weapons.
What now?

[I’ll leave this open this time, because I’m not good with making choices.]
>commit suicide
>Attempt to reason with the folk.
/\ This
The people say they will listen to you, but if they think that you are acting suspiciously, they will gun you down without a second thought.

>Say that strange creatures are invading.
>Say that you will attempt to reason with them.
>Try to overpower them.
>Say that strange creatures are invading.
The people say that they already know this, and that they are hiding. They seem to be organizing a resistance force. They also say that they thought you were with them.

>Say that you were attacked by them.
>Say that you are not with them.
>Ask what the invaders are.
>Say that you are not with them.
>Ask what the invaders are.

Error code 1: You can only choose one option.
>Ask what the invaders are.
The people tell you about a worldwide zombie apocalypse, followed by an alien invasion. Apparently, they had been watching Earth for a long time, waiting for the time to strike.

>Offer to help them.
>Ask for supplies.
>Offer to help them.
They accept, although you will be watched closely. They show you around. You see supply rooms, weapons rooms, living quarters, and the room that you entered. They then make you sort canned food.

>Sort the food.
>Steal the food.
>Eat the food.
>Eat the food.
The task managers look around and see that you have eaten all the food. They advance on you with knives and whips.

>Attempt to talk.
>Attempt to talk.
You explain that you were hungry, and that you hadn't eaten for somme time. The managers don't care, and you are locked up.

>Try to come up with an escape plan.
>Try to have a look around the prison.
>Try to bribe the guards.
>Try to have a look around the prison.
The prison is bare, with smooth stone walls, floor, and roof. There is a tiny flap that is probably used to deliver food. There is no sign of a door anywhere, and you don't actually remember any door.

>Try to call the guards.
>Look for openings.
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