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Rules are simple: this thread is one long conversation, but backward. The newest post would be taken as the start of the conversation, and each previous post is the response.

An example:
Post 1: "Quite the boring day for me."
Post 2: "I didn't really do much at work. How about you?"
Post 3: "Welcome back! How's your day?"

Timeskips can be used to open up new scenes if one seems to resolve at the start of a conversation.
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Completed Stories:
"The Case of the Missing Grail"
"A Toast to Time Trials and Error"

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"I wasn't the one who killed the man, it was the runaway right there!"
Hey! Hands up!
Officer - I can explain - This isn't what it looks like!
Dude, are you sure this is it? Hurry up and get it ov--ohshithepolice'scoming
I'm pretty sure I left the getaway car somewhere around here....
WTF dude, where are you going?
Follow me.
Man, I need a b33r!
God, that was a trainwreck of a heist. What do you suppose we do now?
Quick! We can get over this fence!
I hear sirens!
I think we can make it across this trainyard, but we gotta be quick.
No, Fred, we shot someone! We can't go back there! We just got to find a way off the road...
George, I think we gotta go back. I might have left a stack of cash when the police came in.
Come on, let's go, don't look back, just keep running!

Based on the names, I just hope this turns out to be an Ocean's 11/Harry Potter crossover
The police are still chasing us, George!
Oi, take that shortcut through the alleys!
We'll lose them eventually, 'kay Fred?
Dead end! Where do we go now?
Keep running! They're onto us!
Gosh, I'm losing my breath, George!
You need to push yourself harder! We trained months for this operation and you're not gonna be the reason we fail here, Fred!
Can't believe that bastard ditched us, there's no way we could outrun them at this rate!
Hey! James! Get back here!
Guys, I don't think we're gonna make it. I'm making a split with what I've got. Thanks for the extra loot!
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