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Louis: Douglas, my man! You gotta call us sooner than this! You look like you've talked to the reaper a few times this night.
Douglas: Hey Louis, I need some help. Can you come over to the west bank?

(Louis and crew drive over)
Oh, it's Doug. Finally, he's calling...

Josh: Man, Doug's taking his time. I thought he went on a short beer run? How long has he been out, almost 5 hours now?
Louis: Where's Doug?
<Somewhere in a different part of town, one less dangerous and less freaky>
Doug: Aw crap, the mugger took my phone and wallet. Let me find a pay phone or something...
(Doug gets to his feet)

Doug: Dang, that seemed like a fever dream. I hope I didn't lose anything...
??? : Give me that toaster! You took it from me early today, and it's mine! And definitely not a time travel device.

<Sound of Doug being knocked to the ground>

??? : And I'll take this phone and wallet, too! Consider it recompense for stealing my Chronological Dilator!

<Sound of feet running off and of a holographic projector, circa 3229, deactivating>
Hey, now... I don't want to fight, man! What- what do you want from me?
??? : Shut up and give me what's rightfully mine! Hey - look (sound of projector turning on) I'm a big scary ghoooooooooost so you should give it to meeeeeeeeeeee! People from your time are afraid of ghosts, right?
Douglas: Woah, didn't see you there! I was too busy messing with this toaster thingy.
??? : Hey, buddy, watch where you're going. You almost knocked me ov - It's you!
Douglas: Hooo boy I better figure out what this does before it causes another accident. I should find a park bench or something.
Douglas : Holy shit! I just pressed the toaster's lever and that old lady got vaporized? The dial says 1772, did I just disintegrate her at 1772oF?
Douglas: wait, so....if I just press this in, I’ll get toast! It looks like a toaster.....I think. Man, company’s sure are getting wild. Bzzzzt
Old Lady : Oh hello, dearie. What's that you've got there?


Oh, fine. Just ignore me.
Douglas: ...hmm. This button says "Toast" on it. There are also some slots here so it most probably is a toaster. What was I thinking before? Anyways, let's grab some random bread from my bag.
douglas:"wow! what a neat looking contraption! is this some sort of advertisement? why's it on a bench?"
??? : This'll probably be safe here. Nobody in the time period probably knows how to use a chronological dilator anyways. Now to grab a limited time McRibBlaster Sandwich before it's sold out

And if someone takes it, I can just track them down later with the homing beacon
???: I knew it was risky to take this here! Spotted almost immediately... I think I can write "Toast" on this button and pass it off as a toaster. I better hide this somewhere.
A Random Passerby:
Oh. Oh no! My bad. I'm sorry, so sorry. I'll leave!
???: Hey! What do you think you’re doing?!? Don’t touch that!
A Random Passerby:

What's this? A free toaster? I wonder if I can take it?
??? : Okay, and to make sure nobody takes it, I'll write "Freeze! Do Not Take!"


Ah man, the pen ran out of ink! Whatever, it's probably fine. Who would steal a Chronological dilator?
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