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Craig: And to think that my parents were getting a good deal. I told them they were gonna sink. I told them the bigwigs were out to shank our business. They're not better than the mafia, so that means I'll use the same methods as the mafia!
Dewey: don't you see? This isn't what they would've wanted! And he's not even listening.
Craig: -and all the vendors that my parents sold to shot them out! Waves upon waves of orders were canceled, years of built-up fame destroyed in a matter of days! All they wanted was to bring joy to those around them, and now they can't do that! All I'm doing now is bringing back their joy!
Hannah: God, Craig! Listen to yourself! You're acting so nonsensical as if you're some big hero or something. Newsflash: you're only hurting yourself. Get back here with those action figures and stop throwing away your future!
Craig: Someone has to stop them! Am I the only one who sees what’s actually going on?!
Dewey: your talking like a mad man craig!
Craig: Don’t you see? My parents had a whole future in front of them! Not just for them, but their customers too! We have to do something. I thought we could destroy their stock. What do you think?
Hannah: Craig, you're being nonsensical. Get back here and put those action figures away. I don't know why you wanted to call us down here anyway if you weren't going to listen to us.
Craig: Look at me, up here on my pier! I've got this new haul of horribleness I'm about to chuck!
Oh, thank goodness he stopped running. Craig!
hannah: I'm falling behind!
Craig: Follow me!

Craig runs away from the house and towards the pier overlooking the lake
Hannah: Craig, this better not be another stupid joke of yours. Your mental health is deteriorating already and we're not here to accelerate that process.
Dewey: why are we even here, Craig?
Craig: Yes, you guys made it! I've got something to show you. It's just over here by the lake. I'm gonna grab a catapult first though...

<Craig proceeds to run around everywhere haphazardly>
Craig: they’re coming, right? Right? *starts pacing* they’ve got to be coming theysaidtheywouldcome.
Hannah: Well, we were invited. I don't think we should leave him alone, especially knowing his history...
Dewey: Hey Hannah, I just got a call from Craig saying he needs us over at his place. Should we go?
Hannah: I'm pretty sure we don't have to pay these bills yet. I'm also pretty sure these aren't our bills. They seem to be another receipt for action figures charged to our account. You wanna bet it's Craig back at it again?
Dewey: Hey Hannah, take a look at this bill we got. Do you have any idea where this could have come from? I haven't seen it before...

<The phone rings in a different room>

Dewey: Here, open this letter, I'll go grab the phone.
Greg: I gotta call them, get them down here right now!

<Greg calls Hannah's residence. The scene pans over to them.>
I hate to see this thread die, but does anyone want to continue the story or make a new one?

I've killed 4 kittens with this post now and I don't want a bloodbath on my hands.
What did you do?
posted 4 times in a row. Each successive post kills 2^(post count - 2) kittens.

So, 4 times in a row is 2^(4-2) = 2^2 = 4
posted 4 times in a row. Each successive post kills 2^(post count - 2) kittens.

So, 4 times in a row is 2^(4-2) = 2^2 = 4

You kill 0.5 kittens every time you post...
Double Post
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