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should probably add the caveat that post count must be greater than or equal to 2.

either that or apply the ceiling function to the exponent.
So, math, you want to start the story?
Sure, why not. Last one's unfinished then.

How about this:

"I've never seen anything like it before!"
Math! Look at that thing
Mathy: "Isn't there a commotion in the courtyard?"
???: “We need to get out of here. NOW!”
What's that noise?
Mathy: It really smells like a gas leak, guys.
I’ve been noticing that smell, is that a gas leak?
???: “guys, I think I heard something in the walls pop open.”
Mathy: I really think the blackboard is out of place. There's no way it moved 3 inches while we turned out backs. What do you think is happening?
???: “I-it was just a breeze! Right?!? Right?

Fatty, please use your characters name, or ??? If it hasn’t Been revealed yet. Thanks.
Mathy: Okay, I definitely think there's a problem. It feels like a leak, but I need to find the source.
Fatty: but Mathy, I can clearly smell rotten eggs
???: “y’all need to get over here. I found some beers.”
Mathy: Fatty, I know there's a problem but there's nothing to worry about. At least, not in this room. Hey, where's Addison going?

Welp, had to make a name at some point.
Fatty: Mathy, this is urgent
Mathy: What? We've finally got a lead into this exciting mystery, and you're still bothering me over some sound? Maybe it's a bigger problem than we thought it was, but this is what we've been looking for all summer!
Fatty: this could be dangerous, what if it’s a gas leak?
Whoops double post
Mathy: This is the second time you're bothering me. What's your theory this time?
Addison: “Alright, you nerds, I’m gonna go get us a few brewski.”
Fatty: Come on Mathy we gotta go
\\Alright, I haven't checked this in a while and since when were our internet personas involved

also \\ means out of character in most rp situations so if you're reading the story just skip over this
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