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This game is similar to the party game you may have played before - and if you haven't, then I'll fill you in.

The Rules
In this game, there will be up to 10 people per round. Each person starts with 10 points. Each person goes around and says "Never have I ever..." and then something they have never done. If anyone else has done said thing, then they must confess that in the thread. Anyone who confessed will be docked a point. The last person to lose all their points wins the round!

Extra Rules
Be honest. Do not stay quiet if you have done said thing.

Make sure to follow the posting rules given by TCaS

When the game starts, a player order list will be posted. If it is your turn, you must play before 24 hours have elapsed, or you will get a strike. every 24 hours, you get another strike. 3 strikes and your out. Strikes are indicated next to your name in the order list with an [X].

The first round will start on January 24th, at 11:30 pm UTC, or when 10 players have signed up. Once the game starts, everyone will have their player order posted along with the number of points they have remaining.
(If there aren't many people signed up, please feel free to invite friends!)

I'm joining first

6/10 spots taken

Courascant99 Courascant99
I'm joining too
I join too.
I'm in
Sounds like fun. I'm in
3 hours left to sign up!
10 minutes left - last chance to sign up!
Sign up is now closed until this game ends!

Randomly Generated Player Order:
Courascant99 (0)

Poodonkus913 (0)

Wyyca21 (1)

Fatty the fat guy (0) [X]

alfanewmerik (4)

Clementine (3) [X]
Never have I ever left my home country.
Never have I ever called the police.
Never have I ever willingly discarded a useless item.
[Things that don’t benefit or harm you.]
I've gotten rid of things before like old toys I've had as a little kid.
Me too. I'll dock 1 point each.
never have I ever gotten straight A's.
never have I ever gotten straight A's.

I have.

(Also, I guess I didn't make this clear, but after 24 hours of someone not posting on their turn, we should skip them.)

Anyone else got straight A's?
I have
congrats on 1000 posts
Clementine has been skipped for not posting in the given time!

Never have I ever went somewhere in EST time.
It's not cheating, singling out is allowed :)
It's not cheating, singling out is allowed :)
I live in an EST timezone
visited family in florida.
Never have I ever kissed anyone in a romantic way.
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