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haha, I wish someone would kiss me in a romantic way
Unpopular Opinion: I would be extremely weirded out if that were to happen to me.
No problem with that fam. Dunno if you're ace, but regardless any feelings (including labeled ones) are 100% valid here!
How would one label feelings..?
If you're asexual, aromantic, etc.
Just a quick side note, you do NOT have to wait 24 hours before posting on your turn. Also, even if it is a new turn, and an older post had something you did at the time and you forgot to post it, you still have to.

Wyyca21, you have been skipped.
i think there should be a 24 hour grace period before the next person is allowed to post.
i got skipped though.
Eh, sure. 24 hours.

Wyyca, I would remove your skip, but that wouldn't be fair for the other people who did get skipped...Sorry.
I don't mind.
So does that mean it's my turn now?
never have I ever read the Odyssey
I had the opportunity to but passed on it
I've read the first few lines, does that count?
alfanewmerik, you have been skipped. 48 hours until Clementine has to answer.
Im also going to msg you when it is your turn from now on.
oh frick my bad
I even knew what I was going to say...
I'm a bit slow! I have kissed someone in a romantic way and I have read the Odyssey.

Never have I ever watched a pig race.
what's a pig race?
A race with pigs :D
I know they have them at country fairs where I live.
What country?

Also, all I can think is...

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