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Frick. Guilty
I'm literally using a MacBook right now
Clementine has been skipped.
Never have I ever owned a Microsoft product (Xbox, windows, etc.)
I have a dead laptop.
I have a dead AND overpriced laptop
Never have I ever owned a mechanical pencil.
Goddamn, that’s like my only pencil.
Same here
Never have I ever gotten a serious migraine.
(Like, being forced to stay in bed with dim lighting and other accommodations because of it.)
Define serious.
yes only to windows.
Frick, I'm almost dead at this point, having owned both an apple device and a mechanical pencil

Never have I eaten Chinese food
American Chinese counts, right..?
yes, since I'm about to go down
Guilty as well.

Wyyca, did you mean you did?
I have eaten “American Chinese” food before, yeah.
alfanewmerik, you have been skipped.
yo whta
well no one posted so i'll try to make it up
never have i ever participated in a sport
Does Ultimate Frisbee count?
You realize this counts pretty much everyone in gym class, right? Like, mostly ever?
Do you mean competitive sports?
I've never had a gym type class because of a disorder.
So you mean all sportsy-type things?
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