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Just put a Florida Man in here.
Florida man arrested on the same day he's released from prison after gun and bullets found in car he was riding in
Florida man dies inside suitcase, girlfriend charged after claiming they were playing hide and seek.
Florida man is hospitalized after he jumps in Gator pit at zoo because girlfriend wanted Gator Skin boots.
Florida man hurls toilet through school board building
Florida Man threatens to kill a man with kindness; uses a machete named 'Kindness'
Florida man is arrested after police find two pounds of Heroin under his toupee. When police reported they said they stopped him because his toupee was rather oddly square and lumpy. Also an inch off his head.
Florida man was arrested after he attempted to run over his son with a truck, because the son didn't want to take a bath.
Florida man arrested after robbing a target. When questioned he said it was for his ninja training.
Florida man arrested for having Trump-shaped ecstasy pills.
Florida man tries to turn himself in for the reward money
florida man found after smoking 3 pounds of crack cocaine, dies within minutes of being found
Florida Man breaks into crocodile enclosure, leaves behind a pair of crocs.
Florida Man Arrested in Texas for Throwing Rock Into Georgia Hotel Pool, Injuring Indiana Softball Player
So this was where the trigger for cyan and brown were found.
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