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"Aye. A Western Punlak Ipen, indigenous to the outskirts of Nette's Forest. They're rare and their tears are incredibly valuable, useful for all varieties of hypnotic artifacts and potions. I'm lucky, I managed to find this one while over on an expedition to Tandaèl over in the Elven kingdom. Although their meat is considered a delicacy, they're much more valuable alive than dead.

"But I'm assuming that you didn't come to exchange bestiary notes. Can I help you with anything?"
He clears his throat and straightens his lapels.
"I was interested in purchasing some potions, particularly the healing kind."
"Well, that's pretty vauge. There's a wide variety of healing potions, are you looking for the most basic ones, or some more higher-end stuff?"

She ducks beneath the counter and pulls out an assortment of vials and flasks, a veritable rainbow of liquids of various viscosities, activeness, and texture.

She pulls out a set of 15 small, bulbous bottles filled with a watery red liquid. "This is your most of basic healing potion, it serves well for smaller injuries and accelerates the healing process of cuts, bruises, and scrapes [+2 HP]. Bottles sell for 3gp each, and if you're acquainted with alchemy, the recipe sells for 25gp."

Alongside the box of smaller potions, she pulls out a set of 5 bottles filled with a thicker, more viscous deep-maroon. "These are some more advanced potions, packed with the necessary nutrients and energy to heal bigger slashes and cuts. It's made with diluted Vistag Blood, as opposed to the more common herbal remedy used in the lesser potion, giving it a stronger healing power [+5 HP], but the rarer ingredients up the price. I'm selling these bottles for 8gp each."

She pulls out a metal flask and uncorks it, letting out a sweet, milky aroma. Pouring a small amount of the grey, sparkling liquid into a tumbler for you to see, she recorks it and sets it next to the others. "Dwarven-mined Clacite, mixed with Okran Haggamond Weed, Viteyal Varnrut, and a small amount of ground elderstone, to hold the energy necessary for the mixture. My own special blend. It holds enough nutrients and energy to near-instantly heal a crippled limb on the battlefield or in dire situations [Heals 1 Crippled Limb over 2 Rounds]. This flask has about 3 doses in it, and I'm selling it at a steal of a bargin for only 25gp."

She pulls out a set of 3 smaller vials with a light, airy pink foam frothing off them. She uncorks one, wafting a sweet, cherry-and-rose aroma, tinged with the smell of chalk and salt. "This is the last of the healing-variety potions I can offer you. It's an herbal remedy, and, as you can clearly smell, it's made mostly of Viteyal Varnrut and assorted herbal flowers, brewed in a elderstone cauldron, and tinged with some Vistag blood. It can heal wounds over a period of time, and is a great drink if you find yourself threatened with some incoming damage [Heals +16 HP over 4 rounds, +4HP each round]. It's a little bit of a hodge-podge of ingredients and is honestly not my best work, but the Varnrut in it was a little hard to come by. I'll put my asking price at 22gp."

"That's all I have of my healing-variety potions, that I'd assume are," she looks over the assorted items you have hanging out of your knapsack and looks over your equipment, "within your price range. There are some more effective or more exotic ones, but I'd assume you're not able to afford them."

"Of course, I also have other potions besides these, if you'd be interested in those. And if you've got any exotic plants or alchemical materials, I'd be happy to take them off your hands - obviously, you'd be compensated for it."

Unconscious Investigate : 1d20 (18) + Modifier (2) = 20

You notice a small poster behind her, listing the set of things she's willing to buy off people. Something towards the middle of the list grabs your attention.
"I would like to purchase two bottles of the potion with Vistag Blood," days Fendrel.
Tilting his head slightly to the left, he takes a moment to read the poster.
<The +5 HP one?>
<That would cost 16gp, you only have 15gp. Unless you want to try to roll a barter check or trade some things for it>
(Oh, I forgot I bought the Starworm blood, aha.
I'll change it to one [+2HP] and one [+5HP])
-11gp (4g remaining)
+1 Lesser Healing Potion
+1 Healing Potion

She hands you the two bottles and puts the rest away.

"Is there anything else you're looking for, or trying to unload before you go?"

Investigate : 1d20 (15) + Modifier (2) =17

Among the list of items she's willing to buy, you notice something familiar -

Holy Water : 5gp / Bottle
Blessed Holy Water : 50gp / Bottle
Gypsy Water : 75gp / Bottle
Divine Holy Water : 100gp / Bottle
Divine Spring Water : 150gp / Bottle
Archaic Spring Water : 200gp / Bottle
Mage's Bloodwater : 500gp / Bottle
"I think that will be all, thank you."
'Gypsy Water... gypsy water' thinks Fendrel as he pockets the two vials.
'Oh, the gyp. Didn't Wyyca purchase one of those?'
The alchemist scoffs. "What? You have Gypsy Water with you? I find that hard to believe, it's a rarity around here. Tell ya what, if you actually have some and you bring it back here, I'll be willing to pay double my usual price, since I'm running low. Either that, or I might give you a selection of a finer array of potions, free of charge. Your choice."

With that, market callers begin running down the street, calling the half-hour and the arrival of the merchant's guild. Towards the center of the shopping plaza, commotion builds as caravans of traveling merchants begin to pile in with carts and carriages, readying themselves to sell wares from east of the Hik'ays, towards Nette's Forest, Jersei, and the Punlak Kingdoms. Small tables set up in the middle of the plaza become makeshift shops as locals barter with foreigners over their ill-gotten goods.

Perhaps if you have gold to spend, this may be a wise investment of your time?
Fendrel walks a few steps away from the woman's stall with a nod and returns to the streets in the direction towards the city plaza, continuing to passively browse the market's activity.
He turns his head towards Mal/Andromeda, "You have mentioned that you wanted some supplies?"
Fendrel continues to walk slowly along the road, looking around the streets to see if he could spot Wyyca from the crowd.
Search : 1d20 (15) + Modifier (-1) = 14

You manage to spot her struggling to clip a shiny new metal crossbow to her knapsack, with an emerald gemstone set into the hilt, softly pulsing a faint green glow. She hardly notices you pass by.
"Hey, Wyyca!" calls out Fendrel, following her a few paces behind before he could lose his companion in the crowd.
Wyyca seems startled at the sudden greeting.
W: “Hi! ...Hello, Fendrel! ...Do you need anything..?”
"Sorry if I startled you, how are the shops faring?"
W: “...I may or may not have spent the vast majority of my money on this shiny new crossbow that for some reason refuses to get in.
PS, you want 29 bolts? This thing has like 300 stored in, so I doubt I’ll need more for quite some time, if not just the entire journey.”
(Sure, I'll take some bolts!)
"I'm down to my last few gold pieces as well. Although, a woman down the street offers some gold in exchange of potion ingredients. Either that or some other potions. Maybe about 75-150 gp?"
At this point, due to not have been paying attention much to the haggling, Mal'ash decides to speak up.

"I have this root here, would it be worth anything?"
"I have this root here, would it be worth anything?"

< I'll assume that's addressed to the alchemist >

She takes the Zigil root from your hands and inspects it.

"Hmmm. Hearty specimen, cleanly removed, external roots already cut. Cleanly appropriated, prepared for marketable use. Standard luster, but the external covering has minimal damage. Hmm....I'd say maybe 5gp per root?"
> well it was directed towards wyyca and fendrel, but that works.

> also so far it don't seem like 1 gp is worth much.

"That's good."
W: “Uh...I have some sort of magic enhancer? I think. I don’t know if it’s a material or potion though.”
She shrugs. "It depends. Does it have a name I would know?"
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