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> Fucking ridlean
W: “I’m sorry, how did you get such ultra-specific information about these people?”
Also, what time is it?
Leaning towards 11:30

Riany shrugs. "What's it to you? Who cares how we got this information? Just care about if those adventurers turn themselves in, or you and some other fine people might find a higher medical bill than normal."

Alman yells. "25 seconds!"
Fendrel looks around his surroundings.
The carriage emitted fog earlier and looks mechanical overall, could there be a way to possibly temper with it?

(Guys, have anything you want to plan out? Like, do we want to reveal ourselves and get this over with? Distract them? Fight?)
Investigate : 1d20 (5) + Modifier (2) = 7

The carriage is vastly complex with multiple intricate interlocking mechanisms, which you find hard to both analyze and follow,. However, your eyes are drawn to two massive, balanced flywheels, one on each side, spinning freely. They seem to carry a considerable weight and angular momentum to them, if you jammed one but not the other, it's conceivable the difference in momentum would tip the cart over, knocking the two on top off of it, and crushing one of the brothers on the ground. That would still leave one brother left, though - not to mention the fate of the diplomat would be uncertain.
(Guys, have anything you want to plan out? Like, do we want to reveal ourselves and get this over with? Distract them? Fight?)
Was hoping to gather as much information as possible. Based on your observations, we could attack a flywheel? Not sure which, though.

W: “So wait, why do you even need the team, anyway? They are rubes, like you said, right? Not to mention, this isn’t exactly a sneaky way to hire people.”
Dexter speaks up. "Well according to rumor, they know where the Forbidden City is. We don't. Ergo, they lead us to the city and then we let them go. Why are you so invested in this, anyway?"

Alman checks his watch. "15 seconds."
> i was hoping to, just as they're about to fire, yeet the dragon at them and run at them with my sword
W: “Oh, that’s actually quite nice, given your reputation. Neat.
As for why I’m invested...I like learning things, and you seem to be important people who want other important people, and I want to know why.”
You might smacking the person calling out the time?
(There's still a chance for Alman to give the signal to shoot but it could or could not throw them off in some degree)
(Throw the dragon at him or do you have somebody else in mind, andromeda?)
Mal'ash suddenly stands up, reels back with the dragon in his arms, and throws it at the 'brothers'


He then draws his blade and shoves through the crowd at the 'brothers'
Wyyca stands up, crossbow ready to fire and support Mal’ash and the dragon. (If that takes too long, sitting position instead, still drawing the crossbow)
W: “Fwee!
Who first?”
Mal'ash suddenly stands up, reels back with the dragon in his arms, and throws it at the 'brothers'


He then draws his blade and shoves through the crowd at the 'brothers'

Ranged Weapon : 1d20 (7) + Modifier (0) + Ranged Bonus (How the hell do you make a bonus for a dragon?) (2) = 9
The dragon hits Alman squarely in the chest, knocking him off the carriage and disarming him. Riany stands shocked, dropping the pistol out of her hand, as fourty pouinds of dragon flesh scrape by her.

Your charge takes you halfway towards Holden before the events register and - scared - he accidentally pulls the trigger, discharging his gun Luck (19) - which narrowly misses the woman he was aimed at and the pellet clatters harmlessly across the flagstones of the market.

"OI!" cries out a familiar voice.

Still dressed in his ornate robes, Ridlean steps out of the carriage, miffed. He helps Alman to his feet, still pinned under the dragon, and turns back to you.

"Gods Above, can't a man fake a kidnapping attempt without it going wrong? In other cases, I would've comended you for your bravery, but now - especially when Alman said the coded phrase - "

Alman coughs. "Err, about that - "

Ridlean turns slowly to Alman. He sighs. "You forgot to say the coded phrase, didn't you? Of course you did." he turns back to you, "alright, well. The plan was to fake your kidnapping to throw the president's goons off our scent, but since that went horribly wrong since apparently these idiots couldn't remember to mention three simple words, everyone in the carriage. I'd imagine we only have about five minutes to get out of here before all of the guards in the city converge on us and take us out. Let's go!"

The four siblings and the golem clamor into the vehicle, followed by Ridlean, leaving the three of you standing there, confused. What exactly just happened?
Also, does this mean we have more people on the team?”
Wyyca sheathes her crossbow, before rushing past the crowd and into the carriage.
W: Also, Armistan Siblings, very sorry if I ended up making you forget the thing.”
Wyyca21 said:
Also, does this mean we have more people on the team?”
Wyyca sheathes her crossbow, before rushing past the crowd and into the carriage.

Ridlean waves his hand, "We'll talk about it later. Long story short, they're not what the government says they are and are very old family friends. They weren't really planning on hurting anyone, if that's any condolences."

As you near the carriage, it begins to click and whir. A door on top swings open and out pops what suspiciously looks like a naval cannon, with Dexter at the helm. Out the back, a panel unhinges revealing what appears to be a large pipe, slowly frothing a white steam.

Inside the carriage is much more spacious than the outside would suggest, with enough space for six or seven people, plus two drivers on top and another person in the lookalike-cannon. Riany sits at the front of the carriage, running her fingers across a board of gears, flicking small switches and levers, before grabbing a wrench from a nearby rack. She slowly rotates a valve, causing steam to spew from the carriage, and a repeating shuff of a piston to racket out of the carriage, as spikes appear out of nowhere along the vehicle's chassis. After turning another valve, another porthole opens, this time on the left side of the carriage. A panel opens up and out unfolds what appears to be a clockwork crossbow, albeit with actively turning gears and some bolts with suspiciously large attachments at the end.

It appears they're turning into some form of clockwork tank.

The golem, Nokk, sits across from you in the carriage's seating area.

UpdateBIOS, I'm giving you control of your character now.
> dragons do both piercing and impact damage, and when fired at range due to the flap of their wings they do double the impact damage (forgot what it's actually called)

> bludgeoning!
(Slammy, Stabby. Slabby.)
The clay golem glances towards the party members and fidgets with his cravat, trying his best to maintain his appearance. Clad in formal attire, he outstretches his hand to each member of the party.

N: "Greetings, travelers. My name is Nokk, and I hope to assist you in our journey. Sorry if the Armistan siblings gave you a bit of a scare, there."
Mal'ash takes the hand and shakes it vigorously. "Nice to meet you, I'm Mal'ash, and I'm kinda feeling like punching the siblings in the face right now"
"Hello," says the half-elf as he raises his hand in polite, albeit slightly vexed, salute.
"A serious ferment, it was.

Although, I suspect we probably should have expected its forthcoming, given Ridlean's... er.."
He quickly cuts himself off with a vague gesture.
W: “Involvement..?
Hello Mr. Nokk. I’m Wyyca., why did you join us?
Also, Mal’ash, I’m pretty sure if you assault the siblings, they will heavily retaliate.”
Amid the conversation, Ridlean yells out "All Aboard" à la a train conductor, before quickly hopping in the carriage, a little miffed about his failed plan. He twists the handle, locking the doors securely before Alman, on top of the carriage, pulls a large lever next to his seat. The entire carriage jerks forward as the steam-powered engine gradually picks up speed. In the distance, you can hear the city's guards galloping towards the shopping center as you begin your descent down Margael's hills and towards the city's gates.

"Alright," he says, turning back to the party, "You've probably got questions, especially about the Armistens, so feel free to ask."
W: “Are the Armistans the people you said you were going to meet?
Also, what did they do to get a bad rep, as a general thing?”
"Yes, the Armistens are indeed the contacts I intended to meet. They're old family friends from before the empire fell and I assumed they would help us track down the next clue we need to find the forbidden city.

"As for how they obtained their reputations, I suppose I should speak to our collective histories. The Family Armisten was a sect of the royal guard of the Perline empire, tasked specifically to the protection of the royal tinkers, the Yesheos. My father, Ridlean Sr., knew their father Mordego Armisten well, as he was the head of the guard responsible for protecting us. When the empire fell, Mordego, Alman, and Holsten helped my family escape before the city disappeared, and they went into hiding. Unfortunately, they were not subject to the same protections of hiding my family was and was subsequently prosecuted by the presidents where ever they went. When Riany and Dexter were born, they too were branded as enemies of the state. When they were still young, their father was captured and tortured for information about the remaining sects of the royal hall before he was executed. I was luckily not known of at that time, so I wasn't affected, but after their father broke under their imprisonment, I've heard that most - if not all - of the remains of the royal families of Perline were killed in secret by government assisnation squads. As far as I know, the Armistens and I are the only living remains of Perline and Fultiine."

Riany interjects, "And that would technically make Ridlean the current king of the Perline empire, as he's the only living member of the Royal family. If he can get to the Fultiine palace and perform the coronation rite, he would have access and command of the Unliving Army. He would have a fighting chance to restart the empire."

Ridlean waves her off and continues his explanation. "My guess is that the rumor of them being criminals originated in the presidents' halls, in order to discredit and permanently brand the Armisten family. Unlike me, who the current leadership has no knowledge of, the Armistens have been tracked wherever they go by bounty hunters who believe them to be criminals. Unfortunately, due to their being branded as criminals, they have a tendency to....lean in to that mentality and use intimidation tactics and stealing to get what they need to survive. I won't say they're innocent, but I won't say they're completely guilty either. Somewhere between the two, airing on the good side. They're certainly not coldhearted criminals, if that's what you're worried about. And, technically, they're bound to serve me as the last living Yesheo, meaning you won't have to worry about betrayal, or them doing something we don't want."
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