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can i exchange my heal spell to be a passive lifesteal ? such that in order for me to heal, instead of using a spell, i have to deal damage.
If you are adamant about this, we can exchange your heal spell for something resembling the following:
Deal 1d4 damage to one target and heal one subject for 2 health.

Heal one subject for one quarter of all damage dealt for 1d4 bonus rounds, rounded up.

Though it does somewhat limit the spell's potency as a heal spell, and I'm a little hesitant to modify the rules and spell list for something like this. Ideally, I'd like to not do this, but if you really want it, I suppose it's possible to make exceptions.
okay then. leave as is :P
I'll narrow my class into Marksman, since we have our direct Paladin.
But then, I am now a little bit interested in checking out being a Mage. Any feedback?
IIRC Wyyca was looking at marksman/assassin. If she goes assassin that would give us some indirect capacity. A mage might then work well to give us a wide range of options.

Marksman is also a solid choice, though. I'm a big believer in ranged attacks.
Mage is a pretty solid class in certain parties, depending on your choice of magical school and your spell set. It can perform as a relatively solid offensive class (Necromancy or Conjuration), though it can also be made into a support class focusing on reinforcing allies (Biomanipulation), or a technical class that can open up new opportunities or options in certain scenarios (Transcendence or Transmutation).

Again, Mage also works pretty well with the Bard's Harmonic Chant. It's also not necessarily a bad idea as the Bard and Mage are designed to work as inverses of each other : The Bard is good at low levels whereas the Mage is good at high levels. Ergo, DIAV could cover simple magic early on, whereas you could invest into stronger magic later on.

Though it's also worth mentioning that currently, you only have one or two combat-ready classes (Bard is highly debatable in this aspect). Depending on what Wycca chooses, you might want to choose Marksman, as Assassin is not a strong class in face-to-face close-combat scenarios (its strength lies in surprise warfare and areas with lots of cover). Though combat isn't always everything.

This is a little bit of a dilemma, I'll admit. Just know that the combat isn't everything, especially in this specific campaign *cough cough*. So choose how you want to, I can't say it won't present any disadvantages, but I can say it won't be the end of the world.
Hey Wyyca, got any ideas for your class?
If you choose Marksman, I’ll be an Assassin.
If you choose Mage, I’ll be a Marksman.
I don’t really mind either way.
Would Mage & Marksman be fair for you guys as a final decision?
If Wycca signs off on it, sure. Then we can proceed with the next steps (which should hopefully be much faster than this first step)
I then hereby sign off on it.
I kinda wanted to wait until everyone had a chance to speak, honestly.
Okay, sounds fine. I'll set up a link to the character creation applet soon. I just need to do a bit of housekeeping.

I'm going to link all of you to a little applet I wrote a while back here that'll help to automate the character creation aspect a little. It should be fairly straightforward and obvious for what you need to do.

If you get confused let me know and I'll see if I can help.

Some notes :
  • You are all level one characters (duh)
  • If you want to know what a spell, trait, or ability does, select it in the dropdown menu and click on the question mark next to it. A popup will come up, showing what it does.
  • Certain things like class restrictions on Ability and Trait were not fully implemented. The site does not check to see if the trait is compatible with the class, so it would be good if you guys could double check the Traits/Abilities section of the Content Lexicon to make sure what you choose is compatible.
  • DIAV : Because your class is a homebrew class, you'll need to manually enter in some stuff. Click "Custom" on the class dropdown and then click the asterisk next to the class layout and it will prompt you for some information on the class. All of that information should be on the homebrew sheet in various places. If not, let me know and I can tell you what you're missing.

  • Donutman : As a Paladin, you may choose any two nonarcane lesser spells, from any school. Note that there may be some overlap between your prayers and spells, so make sure to not take any you already have (like Lesser Heal)
  • Privateinspectorkidd : As a Level 1 Mage, you may choose three spells. They may be Non-Arcane, Arcane, or Greater Magic. Note that you are limited to only level 1 Greater Magic spells and that you may only take Greater Magic spells from one school of your choosing. (Lesser Spells can be from any school)
  • DIAV : Again, you get the short end of the stick because your class isn't technically in the system. Fill out everything and then choose two spells, each can either be nonarcane or bardic. If you choose any nonarcane spells, enter them in through the applet, but if you choose a bardic spell, just append it to the end.

Once you are done and satisfied, click "Compile Character", and give the resulting sheet a once-over. Then, click "Just Text" (Not "Download Character Sheet"), copy what it spits out, and paste it into a PM. Send it to me and I'll look it over for any discrepancies, and then we can get started soon.
which trait do i choose for "death to all" ?
okay nvm i finished my sheet
Hmmm, that's a good question. There's no one good trait for that, so I'll give you a couple options to choose from.

  • Lone Wolf : Good if you plan on travelling alone (2x turns in combat). Bad if you want to travel in a group.
  • Homicidal : Good against most humanoid NPCs (2x damage)
  • Hunter : Good against most animals (2x damage)
  • Slayer : Good against most monsters (2x damage)
  • Know Thine Enemy : Good against most things (Attacks ignore 25% armour)

Ignore that. Message me the sheet when you get the chance.
I see that you've changed your dominion. Just keep in mind that your prayer set has changed and are now focused around more necromancy-based spells. Other than that, it looks good.

The site doesn't give options for familiars, but given that you have taken "cursed", you should probably take a choice. What tickles your fancy? Snake? Tarantula? Wolf? Horse?
Note that "cursed" also limits travel by night, and actions taken at night, because you will be whatever your familiar is.
wait. i thought that death was my house, just a sec, gonna change it to war
I'll try and get this done by tomorrow!
One more question (or two?), do we need/have anyone who can deal some backup healing? Do we want to be more offensive or defensive as of now?
As a Paladin, Donutman may use their daily prayers to heal others, they are also granted unlimited use of Lesser Heal as an incantation. They also fill a spot as a direct, offensive class, and their relevant domain (War) also has spells that assist damage dealt against enemies.
DIAV may also choose to heal others as one of his bardic spells, and can take offensive spells that deal damage to others as well.
Wycca, as a marksman, is a standard offensive class that serves minor defensive purposes. If she wishes to also serve as a healing class, she could take the Field Medic trait and take Medicine as her boosted skill and help heal others.
As a Mage, your greatest asset serves as a technically supporting class. I'd say to focus on which of the five greater schools pegs you as the most interesting to you (and the most useful, though they all have their own uses), and to invest in that. If you still feel like there's not enough healing or defensive magic and don't want to focus on greater magic yet, you can take lesser school spells, like Promotion spells, as your first set

By layout alone, however, this party already has:

  • Healer (Donutman/DIAV?/Privateinspectorkidd?)
  • Frontline Fighter (Donutman)
  • Support (Wycca)
  • Indirect/Problem Resolution (DIAV/Privateinspectorkidd?)
  • Simple Magic (Donutman/DIAV)
Still awaiting character sheets from Wycca, DIAV, and Privateinspectorkidd.
Awaiting sheets from DIAV and Wycca.
Okay, we are currently only awaiting DIAV's sheets. If he doesn't get back to me by Tuesday, we'll start without him and work his character in once he's ready to go.

In the meantime while we wait for him, I'll link a character organizer sheet that you guys can print out if you want in order to get a better view of your characters and keep things more human-readable. Most of the stuff should fit closely to the text outputs you got. Just note that when copying statistics and skills from the sheet, the number that comes after the comma is the additive and the one that comes before is the raw statistic value.

Shoot, I just realized that the applet doesn't tell me what skills you chose to boost. Just let me know when you get the chance.

These sheets aren't necessary to me or the game, they're just a nice way of keeping things organized for quick reference on your end.

As usual, if you are confused by anything on these sheets, shoot me a message and I'll see if I can help.
I'm really sorry folks, but RL is pants just now, so I am going to have to drop out.
That's fine, I completely understand. I hope things turn out well for you. If you manage to get things in order and back to a good place, we can see if we can work you in later, provided your still interested.

That brings our numbers down to three. With no outstanding members or work done, let's get started, shall we?

Would you three like to introduce your characters first, and then we can get going on our way?
Whenever you guys are ready.

I am Fendrel, a half-elf and a mage. I hoped traveling would aid in broadening my abilities, placing it in a different light. It is only budding, it seems.
I'm sorry, did I miss your name?
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