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I don't know why I made this, I'm just tired and thought it would be fun.
the way the game works is that someone will set up a precarious scenario, with a high likelihood of death, and the next person will find a way to die in a different way than what was most dangerous.

example: p1 your in your bed, taking some fairly large sized sleeping pills.
p2the bed lamp next to the bed has a broken wire and sets fire to the house, killing you.

Honestly, that was a bad example. I was looking for more comedic ways, but I'm tired, not funny! Anyways, I'll start.

You're in a room with spikes in a hole in the floor, which keeps expanding.
The machinery that keeps the hole expanding jams, and overheats in an attempt to unman itself. As the floor gets progressively hotter, eventually something catches from the sparks and sets the room on fire, killing you eventually.
By the time the smoke clears up, your charred body is in the room-wide spike pit.

You ended up taking a few too many painkillers for the surgery recovery.
The cocaine you did finally kicks in, causing an overdose.

Your driving your car.
A coworker hired a hitman to kill you.

You are falling over land.
You get knocked off of the super smash Bros stage by a well timed rest from ol jagglebuff.

You wake up on an island
Your exact location is Nagasaki on the island of Honshu on 8/6/1945. I think this information is self-sufficient.

You drink a foul-tasting liquid.
Unfortunately, the knife in your back falls out, and you bleed out.

You live in 19th century england. I think you know what I mean...
Your wife chokes you to death for your infidelity.

You've been shot in the chest.
The bullet goes through your chest, pinballing around in a maneuver that would send Goldberg spinning in his grave. It just keeps on going and going, to both of your confusion.


Eventually, the last domino falls, the pendulum stops, and the final grain of sand drops from the glass.

Nothing happens. The hourglass shakes a bit. A distant whistling is heard.

Thunk! An anvil falls on you.🖊️

You trip on a banana peel.

Nothing happens.

you have to kill them. and if the second shot is the death, you have to set up another scenario.
adsfjlk; said:

Nothing something🖊️happens.

you have to kill them. and if the second shot is the death, you have to set up another scenario.

Oh, whoops!
I should really start reading these forum game rules.

Suddenly, your partner reappears from the banana, shooting you down.

Pompeii. Need I say more?
The ground rumbles. Day turns to night as ash fills the sky. Flaming rocks begin raining down as civilians flee in all directions in a vain attempt to escape the impending doom soon to befall them. You were indoors as this was happening, and eating lunch. You choke on the piece of bread you were chewing, and manage to somehow *die* before the entire town was blanketed in hundred degree ash.
How unfortunate.

You go boating in hurricane.
The parasailer behind you is actually agent 007, and shoots you in the back of your head for your crimes.

Too much coke.
You end up having a lot of gas and constipation, and when you finally manage to get it out a few days later, you expire of a hemorrhage.

You land in the hospital.
... at 500mph, dying instantly upon impact. They manage to revive you, and you spend 24 hours in excruciating pain, unable to speak, as they unknowingly operate on you in full consciousness without anesthesia. You almost make a full recovery, before the nurse leaves a bouquet of flowers by your bedside, unknowing that you are allergic. Your last few moments are of suffocating silently in a dark room, alone.

You're about to be hit by a train.
Suddenly , you suffer from cardiac arrest, saving you from the train, but not saving your life.
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