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Suddenly, 13ft Gabe Newell approaches you. "After thirteen feet in development, hopefully it was worth the wait." You are crushed.

You eat a suspicious fungus that is rainbow-coloured.
You start hallucinating rainbows and unicorns everywhere. But one of them is pissed off and impales you with its horn.

You invest in crypto.
The FBI is now at your door...
you are about to be eaten alive by cannibals
You get accidentally overcooked and tossed off a cliff.

You awoke a wasp nest, and you're allergic.
Don't panic! They're not wasps. They're Tracker Jackers. Which is just as bad. You die painfully after experiencing severe hallucinations.

You are writing a book when a politician breaks into your home.
The politician explains he needs to hide out to evade the police. You say no, so the politician writes a new bill which makes your life illegal. The police enforce.

You wake up one morning and realize you're on a burning mattress in the middle of a lake.
You flee the burning mattress leaving you stranded in the water. Someone paddles a canoe over, but while trying to climb in you tip the canoe and sinks. Another person tries to rescue, but climbing into these things from the water is hard, and the people you left stranded out here with you kill you in frustration.

You come across a very odd looking genie with dark clothing.
He's the Akinator. You play an unnecessarily dire game of 20 Questions and inexplicably, he guesses Hamtart87 - previously presumed vanished. You have a fatal heart attack due to shock, and you unlock a new hat for Akinator as your body begins to shut down.

You get swallowed alive by a whale!
The whale shits an ungodly amount of ass, you included. You remain undigested, but instead suffocate as you cannot breathe the poop water.

You scrape your foot on a nail that was laced with poison.
the accompanying hammer falls on your head

you sign on to two cans and string
It ends up being a nuclear launch code

You just met the devil
you fall into a pit

you get attached to 240v of power
You get sucked into a black hole

Your mom enters your room, holding her belt
Attempting to flee, you jump out the window…of your 5 story building.

You’re left stranded in greenland.
The ice caps melt

You are in the afterlife watching all these deaths happen
You see the Grim Reaper.

You're being pounced by the family dog
You manage to dodge just in time, by rolling sideways into the fireplace.

Someone fills your humidifier with rubbing alcohol.
You find them and try to stuff hydrogen peroxide down their throat, but it pours into your mouth instead,

You find a bloated lithium-ion battery
A few lithium ions leak out of it, and you choke on them.

You are hanging from the gallows with a rope around your neck.
The rope snaps, you fall onto the street below where a car conveniently happens to run over you as soon as you hit the ground.

You feel an intense chest pain, but cannot diagnose the cause.
After a moment of pondering, some strange scientists approach you, pick you up all at once, and carry you to a hospital bed. They come to the conclusion that there's something inside of you trying to get out, and they know very well what is coming. They huddle around you as your chest starts to look all crazy and gross-looking. It's a Chestburster, and you're FUCKED.

You drink milk straight from the gallon a day after it expired.
The milk was okay, and you don't get sick from it. While you were enjoying your delicious milk, however, an intruder burst into your home, and shoots you out of pure hatred of milk.

You are tied to a wooden post, with fire underneath you.
The fire is from a rocket, blasting off into space. Looks like you don't have a space suit.

You are in the Ruins from Undertale
You immediately die.

You put a can of soup on the burner.
You forgot to turn the burner on so it doesn't explode. But, you end up falling onto the can face first, and slicing your jugular vein.

There is an axe-wielding maniac coming after you.
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