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He (or she or they, we don't discriminate) slips, falls, and his axe goes right through his skull. Upon seeing this horrific scene, you immediately feel like vomiting, and end up taking your own life after not being able to successfully get rid of the nightmares caused by this scene being burned into your mind.

You eat an improperly-seasoned cashew.
It's too overly seasoned, it dehydrates you rapidly, turning you into a cashew.

You watch Shrek the Third
Shrek climbs out of the TV, and kidnaps you, to where he takes you to an unknown place and beats you for an unknown reason.

You find a USB drive.
You plug it in to your computer, it opens your default browser, and goes to You kill yourself out of spite

You're in school
In school, you study ways to make creative and innovative prompts for people to build off of in "Look Mom, I Died!". After realising that most people in the class don't even bother to be... REMOTELY creative, you devise a plan to meet the mother of these people that everyone notifies of their deaths. You run up to her, take the textbook you're studying for your class, and put it over the mother's eyes. Then, you die. But she does not notice. Don't Look Mom, I Died.

You're looking at a skateboarder when they turn their board into a pocket knife!
You hear the TF2 Spy chuckle, before suddenly, you get sniped. The killcam zooms into a Sniper.

You are asleep.
An earthquake happens, your bedside drawer falls on top of you, collapsing your lungs and killing you instantly.

You are tied up with a gun held to your head.
There's also a Civil War cannon behind you.

You decide to take a walk
A plane carrying mail happens to drop the packages, and it just so happens someone ordered a solid oak door. It crashes on your head, you die instantly, and your blood stains the pavement for months.

You try to breathe underwater
you snorted too much water & that exact water went through your nostrils, down your throat, & into your lungs & now your lungs are sacks full of water

put a fork into the outlet
you coincidentally stuck the prongs into the ground and live sockets, so the GFCI breaks, but it just so happens a 50 ton boulder is rolling down the hill you live on.

You're at the store.
Well duh. You're for sale at the meat department.

You've been outed as a witch, and are marched to the gallows.
You kissed your homie goodnight & you sprayed some water for some good luck so you can get a good score on a test. You wake up the next day with your homie leading you to the secluded forest so you can be beheaded.

ate too much appleseed
Instead of becoming an apple tree, you seem to grow smaller, and smaller, and smaller. You're a grain of rice now, and your dog is hungry.

You're studying for a test.
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