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nice reference, haha

look out! a shark! it tears you in half as it passes you by. it even has low budget CG blood!

beethoven has come back from the dead, looking for you for disrespecting his music! he's found you, and is looming above you as you sleep.
Upon seeing him, you die of shock.

You wake up in a mysterious place. You turn, and see a man pointing a gun directly towards you
Still holding the gun directly to your temple, he asks, "Where is the banana bank! I have to catch my flight to saturn or the nazi cow will explode my mother's lucky sombrero!"

You die laughing.

You didn't look both ways before crossing the street, and a semi is barreling towards you.

You've been hit by, you've been struck by, truck. AAAAA
As the driver hits the breaks, you suddenly disappear from view. The manhole cover was open. Whoops! Cracked skull and a snapped spine.

You fell onto the road on the smash bros map “big blue”
Something comes speeding down at you, but before it can make contact you trip and fall into Russia.

You landed on a time machine and go back to 1917, land right in front of a army going to kill you
Then, your future selves time machine comes to save you!

c r o n c h

Crush you. It's come to crush you.

You're stuck in a cold blizzard with no heat in sight.
oh no! the yeti was real?!? and it's a carnivorous beast! you are eaten alive.

you're being pelted with eggs. one of them is secretly a grenade.
Since you dont know that there is a genade, you start eating all the eggs as fast as you can. You call your family over to help because you cant eat all the raw eggs fast enough. Finally, whoever is pelting you with eggs ran out, and you die of salmonella

An angry mob of protestors is out to get you
You close the door too hard, resulting in a quaking in your precariously stacked house. it topples on you, crushing you and only you.

you are trapped on top of a flaming building.
you call for help. The firefighters get you down safely, but then the search for the cause of the fire begins. They are convinced you committed the arson, and you are put on death row.

A necromancer is sending an army after you
nice this thread is back!
as a necromancer yourself, you raise an army to combat his forces. unfortunately for you, when they meet, every single person in both armies is related, and turn on you and your opponent, slaughtering you for forcing them to fight.

you find yourself falling into the sky
me too
Gravity isn't on your side. You reach space, suffocate and die, then you go in orbit, revolving around the Earth as a human satellite for eternity. Around 7 million years later the sun collides with the earth and your essentially non-human body is burned to a crisp.

You try to jump on a Goomba in real life.
thanks for reviving, i was looking for a chance to come in *v*
uh oh. it's an illusion! it was actually a bear trap. and you landed with both legs. guess you just...sit there.

a terrible storm is ravaging your house. you have no electricity, and the house is beginning to flood.
You wake up, It was all a dream. You go to make breakfast, but accidentally cook yourself instead of the eggs.

You accidentally publish an article in comic sans.
The entire world begins hunting you down to kill you, by wait THERE IS A EDIT BUTTON. You edit the post but you are too slow the world takes you to their layer
due to there being no world to die in, you didn't exist in the first place.

you've been flung into the whomping willow
you hit hit by a tactical sniper while in the air

you are stranded on an island
You die of shark bite

You are a car
read the rules of the game and edit your post
Someone hotwires you and drives you into a lake. No getting out of that, pal.

Someone wants to do the "saw a person in half" magic trick on you... except they're about to actually saw you in half.
But suddenly your stomach is made of iron and their saw rusts through, but some of the rust goes in to your skin giving you in curable tetanus
The absence of a prompt for the next user is incomprehensible for you. Your brain slowly starts to rot as you try to understand how one could die without user input.

You made a typo in your college essay.
the college professor is so angry, they attempt to kill you. unfortunately, they pop too many bloodcells in their brain, killing them. you die of shock.

you've just colored outside the lines in a coloring challenge to the death.
Turns out, the drawing board is a huge arena. The area outside of the lines disintegrates, sending you plummeting to your death.

You lost against your sister in a game of chess.
The Queen of Hearts emerges from Wonderland and has you beheaded.

Oh no! You just got bitten and now have rabies!
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