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This thread is a living, breathing creature. It dies if it doesn't get someone posting on it after 7 days. Your job is to keep it alive for as long as possible. This is similar to BUMP, but you don't want to go over a week. When you post, copy and paste the time since the last post, ex: "2.801 days ago". The longer it goes, the higher score you get.
"What happens if I have a high score, and then post again sooner?" Your score WILL go down. Top scores are not preserved.
"Should we make fun of people that have a lower score?" Yes, absolutely.
"What is the end goal?" To keep this thread alive for as long as possible, as well as getting the "6.999 days ago" score. Just keep in mind your score CAN go down, and is based on your most previous score.

Example of a post:
Kebab said:
2.801 days ago

(Optional comment here)

The game starts on Wenedsday, May 13, 2020, at 16:00 UTC. This is just to give people time to notice/follow this thread. I will post when it starts.

Also, this idea isn't entirely mine, and I have to give credit where it's due: it was heavily influenced by YouTuber Mumbo Jumbo and The Button.

Now, Let's keep it alive!

Optional Extra Rule:

If you wish to show off your score, you can display a flair in your avatar:

0.001 - 1 days: Purple
1- 2 days: Blue
2- 3 days: Green
3 - 4 days: Yellow (Yellow)
4 - 6 days: Orange
6 - 6.999 days: Red
Did not post/0.000 days: Gray/Grey


The chat room.
You can post what you think for now, but please no bump posts until the above date.
i don't understand
What don't you understand?
It's The Button from Reddit, just adapted for TC&S. Just search "Reddit the button" if you're confused.
basically, yes
Also, please DM anyone you think would want to play as well, for this to work, we need as many participants as possible.
Hold on, how does the flair work? Is it just changing the text color, or something else?
It's an optional way to show off your score in your avatar. As you can see on mine, Mario's cap is gray, signifying that I have not posted a bump yet.
Ah. Thanks.
I have my color in my avatar now.
I need input for this - should we make a min. threshold for a purple flair, such as 0.001 days instead of just 0?

Edit: Yeah, I think that makes sense, so you can't get a purple flair automatically
Well, it's about time I actually put a picture on my avatar
Alternatively, you could just change the background color
aprzn123 said:
Alternatively, you could just change the background color

I mean.... Its already gray
I did a little bit of tweaking to make getting a red flair a little more challenging.
I'd be interested in taking part. I've updated my profile picture too, so that's taken care of.
I'm confused about this forum
Its basically the button from reddit, just adapted to work better on this platform. What questions do you have about it?
aprzn123 said:
Alternatively, you could just change the background color

It'd still be nice to correct that 404 that I've had for about half a year now
Um, sorry to interrupt but like, how do you differentiate between a post and a post that "presses the button?"
I believe once it has started, any post here will count as having pressed the button. Take that with a grain of salt, though; I am not Kebab
A post that "Pushes the button" would be just you posting, "1.604 days ago". But, the game doesn't start for another 25 hours, so no posting pushes until that time.
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