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0.001 days ago

I think so.
0.007 days

0.002 days ago

At this rate, no one's going to hit even Blue

just thought i'd make my presence known.
When everyone’s constantly booping; yep.
2 days is going to be a long long while.
0.006 days ago

If everyone focuses on getting blue, we can wait out 2 days.
.042 days ago

Well at least I have a color now

edit: didn't see second page, nvm
0.044 days ago.
0.003 days ago

Kebab said:
If everyone focuses on getting blue, we can wait out 2 days.
0.025 days ago

I just want a color first
0.009 days ago

I plan on having my pfp say the color I currently have in the middle, but display the colors I've collected in the ring around the middle. I.e, the gray and purple in the ring right now.
0.005 days ago

If you guys want to talk, I suggest you talk via DM, as to not reset the button.
0.117 days ago
0.037 days ago
sorry didn't understand the rules until this point :|||||
0.14 days ago
ha I got a tenth of a day
0.054 days ago
Hello everyone!
0.01 days ago

Idk if I understood the game yet, just doing what everyone else did I get a cookie now?
0 days ago.

No. You just get purple.

I will remain and abstain! Only when necessary shall I intervene! Such is the motto of the evergrays!
0.254 days ago

(Just keeping ahead of the game.)
Guys, talk in purple chat, we want blue.
0.188 days ago

Speak for yourself. I had blue before this started and I'm keeping it.
0.142 days ago

Did I miss the party?
When exactly does the game start?
0.001 days ago

It's already started
Oh now I saw that in the instructions
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