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0.001 days ago

I think every post has to put how long it's been since the last post, so now you have a purple flair which you should display in your avatar somewhere.
0.015 days ago

There is a specific place meant for chatting! Please go to here.
0.002 days
Maybe we should put the chats in the first post so people know it exists and don’t have to be reminded?
wait, but what if my flair is an emoji that can't have color and I want to keep it that way?
0.017 days ago

Thats fine, Because I know you have one.

(plus the pink kinda looks like purple anyway)
1.001 days ago

Part of the blue now!
1.053 days ago

Ha, me too, even though the rest of my avatar is blue
1 day ago

Blue for me!!!

Fuck you kebab I've been waiting here for 20 minutes. I already had my post written.

You and me both
0.300 days is apparently too long to wait. And confusing.

I’ve been waiting all. Day.
Whoop, ninja.

tired of waiting, gonna hold blue until i can get green. ha ha losers
0.106 days ago
0.106 days ago
0.106 days ago
0.814 days ago

UwU I'm blue
1.158 days ago

Finally blue

My timezone worked against me on this one
Blue heart time!
.733 because that's a new best for me

Blue again for meee.
You’re a monster, you know that?

Blue time
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