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The game is going slow since first everyone went for purple, now people go for blue

So we'll always have to wait for everyone to have done the "next step" to be able to get a new color
Natural progression for a game that allows repeat uses of the thread.

Interestingly, since WEEB#1 (UwU profile pic) triple-posted, they effectively still have gray, since they posted immediately after themselves twice.
I actually thought it was a lag though?
Am I currently the highest with 1.158 days ago?

I looked a bit but didnt see anyone with a higher one

Correct me if I'm wrong
I'm convinced that it's actually impossible to get a color higher than blue
At least until everyone gets blue.
Yeah this is going stage wise where everyone has to wait for everyone until the whole group can commence xD
And no one gets re-something...
My guess is that everyone is going to get red at some point, and then no one will remember to boop it again
No, I think they would try to cut it so close that the button does end up dying.
Can someone explain how I got this green dot?
Btw itsunfair, you knocked yourself down to purple, because your last post was in the purple zone
hello there
Right, can I reply to my own post in the game?
Yes, but you get that new color, whether you go up or down.
I’m blue now!
Nice dude!
I 🥪
Its blue right now, we should let someone who has a purple get it
Ah, congrats Wyyca21
Wyyca21 said:
1.413 days ago

Well, that took awhile. Thank you, Mr. Kebab.

Can we try getting to 2 days now??

Everyone is just going for 1 day, even though they already got it in some cases
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