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Ok. Let's go for 2 days.
seems like we have some more members
blackbird1306 you could've gone for 2 days
I will admit that I did not think people would try to get the same color over and over again
Aye Kebab you're back!
(I never really went away?)

Yes, but my account is going to be suspended starting at the end of this week, and I'll be away until late August or sometime around there.
Ooh like that, crap
I greatly urge someone to try and get green
<color value="blue”>wyyca has now done that</color>
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Well... Last day today. I'll see all of you people in September!

Make sure the buttons still around when I'm back!
Do try to come back before then, at least for a little.
Well, we will certainly try to keep if alive (even thought that's gonna be hard)
Especially when it gets to red...
Now someone else can attempt to get green, almost at 2
Perhaps next time, wait until it is truly 2 days, not a little before.
So wait, who is green now exactly?

green team ftw!
And me.
Also blackbird1306 now
Green is now available again
just realized I never talked on here, so hi! guess I'm green now
A perpetual state of green. It's not easy.
Green forever huh?
So wait who is yellow now?
There are a few of us
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