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Aw, did this die? You guys were doing so well!
don't think so, we're just a little lost. give us a bit more time
I'm going to safely say that Kylljoy doesn't have any more alts. If he does have more, then he didn't make an introductions thread for them.

This retracing is taking longer than I would have liked. I better crack down on this thing after my interview.

IWKTP no longer has the Anne Frank quote! Holy crap!

"This key remains an enigma to all. Mark Three, Reflector B, One is one-ten, two is three-nine, four is five-two, board is mb qr tz sl"

Now, how the heck do I use an Enigma Machine?
I've figured out the plugboard is : "M-B, Q-R, T-Z, S-L"
Mounted rotors are : "I, II, IV"
Reflector is : "B"
Machine : "Wehrmacht , Luftwaffe, or Kriegsmarine 3 rotor" (all three were issued rotors 1-5)

Enigma Code: "hwnei qmqtb nepbf kwxps qfcmo cjfcg lx"
Initial rotor positions : "A, C, E?" (corresponding to one, three, and five)
Alphabet ring positions : "J, I, B?" (corresponding to ten, nine, and two)

Reversing initial rotor and alphabet positions gets: TOHAMAXTJORUKEKSSKEECQHUQLGYIKYP

I am not well versed enough in the Enigma machine to understand what the number pairs will do in reference to the ring and rotor positions. But, at least we have some progress now.

EDIT (7/21/20) - A notice I found interesting. Setting both rotor and ring positions to either "A, C, E" or "J, I, B" give the same result of LEEUBPGRHNONQANVTWDOHNNCCHWBUAVI. I don't think that's specific to these combinations, though.
  • No it is not.

Bashing the first line of gibberish through an aristocrat basher gives: "midst puton bevel swing occur cusps cr" when taken with the 5-letter subdivisions from before.

Is there any vague push you can give to help with the weird number pairs? I dunno if they're meant to be be a straight A1Z26 cipher or if I have to take letters off the vigenere square.

EDIT 2 - I did not notice this back when you revised the clue: "looking for something that used to be a clue but is now something else And the clue didn't necessarily have to relate to the quest in the first place" Dang it.

EDIT 3 (7/24/20) - Making note that if the number pairs were for the vigenere square, it would be J, K, F. Now, kill the president may be a bit on the nose if those were J, F, and K instead of the order it's in right now.
I did it. Used a different website to decode. Instead of dcode, I used cryptii which had numbers instead of letters to import, and I have the next clue!

"thene xtclu eishi ddena torde rdotp hp"

reorganized, reads "the next clue is hidden at order dot php"

looks like a website. I'm getting excited again!

EDIT: nope, it's a possible file type.
First google search led me to this order.php order from I don't know what in the world this is, but it's asking for my information.

First thing I've noticed is that order.php is appended onto websites to pull up an integrated php file. Now, would Kylljoy add an order.php?id= pull on his website?

What in the world Kylljoy. Made me learn the Enigma Machine and now you're gonna get me to research PHP, huh?

EDIT 2: Pastebin and Disgracebook have been the only two external links so far. Disgracebook doesn't seem to have a PHP element though.

Sidenote, looked through the threads that Kylljoy made, and in his introduction he quoted the old Disgracebook website, which can't be reached.
Second sidenote, I know what "Sweedish fish" is: a red herring. AKA, not important.

It's 3:31 again, so maybe Kylljoy will show up at some point and be cryptic, since at least that give me something other than nothing. I got no idea where to start looking here, since I've exhausted Disgracebook and Pastebin for tonight.
I think this would be much more active if the entire hunt wasn't this big brain
Well, it's meant to be difficult. I like this level of challenge, but it definitely takes me some time to think about it.
the challenge isn't bad, but it becomes easy to lose interest in once you realize how difficult and time consuming it is.
Second sidenote, I know what "Sweedish fish" is: a red herring. AKA, not important
Ah you got it! 😉 Waiting for someone to have that realization

Disgracebook doesn't seem to have a PHP element though
Hmm, is that so....
Time to hop back onto Disgracebook.

EDIT: AHAHA. It wasn't a PHP file, it was literally "orderdotphp"! Look at the URL.

Initial thoughts: going to IWKTP page 22, due to the header.
That was easy, it's a hint to decoding it. Didn't need the hint though.

Here's the puzzle:

Kylljoy said:

Okay, Ken. I know you're gonna go on a beer run later tonight, but the entire frat needs supplies. So you're going to get them. Yes, at 1 AM. Don't question me. Here are the supplies we need:

3 Yams
3 Edible Arrangements (For Dan)
2 Elderflower Liquor Bottles
5 Tagalong Boxes (There's that one Girlscout outside Safeway)
3 Honeycomb Boxes (The ceral, NOT the food)
9 E-Fuel (It's like G Fuel, but Worse)
5 Twizzler Packs (Freshman 15, Bro!)
8 Hilton-Brand Moist Towlettes (Just break into a ground-floor room)
1 Electric Toothbrush (I swear, if Joe loses his ONE MORE TIME...)
7 Sunflower Seed Packs
7 Umbrella Packs (For Heaven's Sake, the COCKTAIL type, DO NOT BUY ACTUAL UMBRELLAS AGAIN)
3 Nutella Jars
8 Doughnettes Sacks (At least they're not Twinkies!)
1 Oreo Package
4 Twinkies Boxes (At least they're not Doughnettes!)
3 Chocolate-Covered Apples (They're SOOOO GOOOD)
7 Oranges (I want to try to make some Sidecars tonight)
8 Mocha-Almond Fudge Ice Cream Tubs (For Casey, his BF broke up with him yesterday)

Don't screw this up. We don't need the police on us again, especially after what happened last week with the watermelons.
And if all else fails, find the lord of the ferrets. He can tell you where to look next.

  • Ben


Slashes are for letters that came after a hyphen. Didn't know if a hyphen counted as a character or not.
Not counting hyphens: MILLNSZREWLTTONOSM

Lord of the Ferrets is also mentioned.
I wonder if the date is important.

Went through all the forum posts on August 9th, 2019. A lot of gender race, WWIV, word up, and word association, but otherwise no clues. Also some activity on the far/radical left thread.
lord of the ferrets has 2 less letters than the string that we got

also, watermelons may be important
And a partridge in a pear tree
Well, August 3rd is National Watermelon Day.
April 2nd is National Ferret Day.
Didn't need the hint though.

Maybe you do though. I'd suggest you base your assumption for the page number off the month (Date, if you're not in America)
The real question is, does this count as us using a hint?
I think there's a way to decode that string there. I need to double check my sources though.
We've got a lead and a good feeling

Kylljoy didn't expect the game to progress this fast, so we might be catching up.

Sent him a message to see if I'm on the right track, since he's cryptic here.

Turns out, he's cryptic there too.
< Mathy figured the next step out but was instructed to remove how he did it from his post. If you want to reach the second act from here, you've each got to do it on your own. Just thought I'd clarify >
Well then, I guess this is goodbye. I’m just going into high school, and I’m really not any good at decoding anything, so I really just keep up with this thread to see what amazing thing mathy does next.
adsfjlk; said:
Well then, I guess this is goodbye. I’m just going into high school, and I’m really not any good at decoding anything, so I really just keep up with this thread to see what amazing thing mathy does next.

literally me this whole time, except maybe a year or two ahead

Also, not likely to happen, but in the direst of situations I might get some people from r/picturegame to come help
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