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if this is even allowed, this is the forum thread for unsolicited youtube and imgur links

the only rule is your link must be accompanied by a caption

funny LOL

he's just so happy!
jumpin up and down and jumpin up and
you ever just feel like

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
edit: if you could see behind those sunglasses, you'd see years of pain
what a poor, poor man.
we've peaked as a species
sevens code players
i've been looking for this comic for years
sonic leaves a bathroom covered in a liquid of a strange complexion
Exactly what you expected in this thread, but in really high resolution
to watch under the circumstances that you're high
how to eat brown rice
so glad i found this
on days like this kids like you are sus

i literally have that keyboard except mine is written in english
do you want to have a sus time
literallynoone is a legend.
literallynoone beats him
suck my dick and balls, nasa. (i pissedo n the moon you idiot)
Jaxxie when she locks a thread
My avatar is an alpaca though, but all right.

oh, I forgot, Rammy Pepsi
This is why you don't try to write fantasy lore at 2 AM
(My usual level of lore depth and seriousness, for comparison)
my sense of humor nowadays
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