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What else could we try?

Do you want to write a story 1 letter at a time?

We already have quite a bit of story games, either neglected, on indeterminate standby, or ongoing.
I feel like a one-letter story progression might not go smoothly. I'm tempted to brush up on my necromancy but, uh, you know.
That is true, but it seems the most recently replied to ones are counting. Any other ideas?
Counting is just really easy to reply to, which is why it tends to stay at the top
And it requires about 0 thinking power.
yes, that's what makes it easy
Oh ok
How about musical counting? Can we go around the circle of 5ths doing all the major scales?
Uh... that seems like too much brain power being used.
As a music person, I'd be down for that. It would loop a lot, so be aware about that, and it could end rather quickly thanks to the repetition.

Then again, that's what happened kinda to the 100 bottles thread before it delved into insanity
Us younger people ruined it, I think.
The highbrow games are just not as popular. I suggest restarting (note: not necroing) one you like the sound of and play it as long as it lasts.

Like Who Would Win in a Fight, for instance. this post includes self-promotion
I would be down for a circle of 5ths
that would be hella repetitive
No, like... we sit in a circle and pass around a fifth until it's gone.
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